What we Provide for your Annual Health Fee

The annual health fee covers all visits to the Total Health Center.

 Downstairs, the Medical Office is staffed by a Nurse Practitioner, who provides students with “well” visits” (check-ups and physicals) as well as treatment for acute illness and injuries.  She also evaluates and manages chronic medical problems, coordinates care with home physicians as needed, and refers to specialists when necessary. Students who will be traveling are provided travel health information and can be immunized according to the Center for Disease Control recommendations. We provide health education, helping students to make healthy lifestyle choices and learn to do self care when appropriate. Free safe sex and first aid supplies, as well as some common over-the-counter medications, are available to students from the Total Health Center as well as in the student dorms. In addition, the Nurse Practitioner of the Total Health Center can prescribe medication and refill existing prescriptions, order lab tests, x-rays, physical therapy, and suture lacerations. She can also provide health maintenance, annual exams, and gynecologic care. She also can draw blood for lab work ordered by your home provider which is sent to nearby Brattleboro Memorial Hospital.

 Megan Littlehales is the office manager for both the counseling and medical offices. She is our “go to person” for insurance questions, navigating the healthcare system, managing all the scheduling, and being a great listening ear.

 Upstairs at the Total Health Center, the counseling staff consists of 2 Master’s prepared therapists and a Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner.  In addition, most years we have counseling student interns who are supervised closely by our counseling staff. We provide a wide range of services on a confidential basis.  We work with students who have had ongoing psychiatric concerns as well as those who are experiencing problems for the first time in college.  Issues that we work with include but are not limited to relationship problems, depression, anxiety, gender identity, loss and grief, academic concerns, trauma, roommate concerns, social anxiety, adjustment to college, etc.  Students are welcome to discuss any issues even if they aren’t sure if they are a problem.  We can see students on an ongoing basis or for a brief period depending on what is needed.  Our psychiatric Nurse Practitioner can prescribe medication, do diagnostic psychiatric evaluations, and provide treatment.  We work as a team and if a student has needs greater than what we can provide or prefers to see someone in town, we are glad to provide a referral to other providers.