Housing Selection Information

Please read the following information carefully.  It contains specific instructions, dates, times and locations for each part of the process.  It is recommended that each student attend a housing selection information session to have the opportunity to review the housing selection process and ask questions.  Questions regarding the housing selection process may be emailed to the director, Jodi Clark, at housing@marlboro.edu or via phone at x232.

General Information:

Students who pay their enrollment deposit by April 1, 2014 are eligible to participate in the housing selection process.

Students who pay their enrollment deposit after the deadline will not be eligible to participate in the housing selection process and will be required to submit a Returning Student Dorm Preference form prior to their departure from campus in May. Housing for students who deposit late is not guaranteed.

Students select their own room and roommate(s) according to the priority system found in the Marlboro College Bylaws, Article VIII, C, via an online application found [HERE]. A housing contract must be signed before you will be permitted to apply for housing.By signing the contract online, you are delcaring your intent to live on campus. You will not be bound by the terms of the contract until you actually select housing (or have housing selected for you in the case of a group application or proxy).

Students residing in the following housing are required to be on a full meal plan (i.e. - 19 or 14 meal plan option): All the Way, Half-Way, Happy Valley, Hendricks House, Howland, Marlboro Gardens, Random North, Random South and Schrader.

If you are wishing to live with someone on absentia, be sure they apply online and that they notify Jodi who will be selecting housing for them.(See Proxy Information below for more details.)

Create several backup plans! Your first option may not be available to you on the night you select housing. Having several options will allow you to quickly navigate the housing selection process and reduce the amount of stress you experience.

Any rooms that are not selected by the conclusion of each housing selection process will be used for late applications for housing, students returning from a leave of absence, room change requests, etc. during the summer.

Proxy Information:

If you are not able to personally attend the evening in which you select housing, you may identify another student who will act as your proxy to select housing for you. If you are part of a group, then a member of your group can automatically act as your proxy.

Please email Jodi at housing@marlboro.edu if you need/have a proxy so he knows who is selecting housing for you in your absence.

Examples of why you should identify a proxy: you are on absentia, you have to work during the time when you would be selecting housing, no one from your group can make the selection time, etc.

Keep in mind that while we understand that you may not be able to be present during the night when you select housing, but it is in your best interest to be there if possible since you are the one deciding where you want to live next year.

If you do not identify a proxy and you do not show up to select housing on the given night to select your housing, you will not be assigned housing. You still may apply for the remaining processes as long as the forms are still available. (Please see the Housing Selection Timeline for specific dates and times.)

Housing Contract Information:

Signing a Housing Contract online indicates your intent to live in College housing. Once you select housing, you agree to be billed for housing by Student Accounts. (You will be provided the opportunity to review the document before you apply for housing.) A housing contract must be signed before you will be permitted to apply for housing.

Withdrawal from college housing prior to two weeks before the fall semester starts will result in a $400 room reservation fee that you must pay.

Withdrawal from college housing within the two-week period prior to the semester's start means that you are responsible for the housing charge in its entirety.

Any changes in housing status must be processed through the director's office.

If you do not sign your housing contract by the end of the spring semester, you will not be guaranteed housing for Fall 2014 and you will lose your housing priority (Marlboro College Bylaws, Article VIII, D).

View and Download a copy of theHousing Contract 2014-2015.pdf