Dorm Designations for 2014-2015

Important Information to Note:

Announcements of any changes to available housing options will be listed here (and reflected on the Housing Availability page).  Designations for 2014-2015 are in progress. 

  • Married Student Housing Units 1-4 are not available for selection this year. They are being held for Faculty Fellows or incoming students who are either married, with children, or possibly Residential Life Staff housing.
  • Random North Apt. will continue to be Faculty Fellow Housing or Residential Life Staff Housing.
  •  Out of the Way Suite 9-10 will continue to be Reduced Allergen Housing, giving priority to a group who needs a dust reduced environment. Selection will still be during Group Housing.
  • Marlboro North will be closed for Fall 2014 and house short term Non-Degree programs or other outside groups.
  • Cabin 2 will continue to be used to house the RA for Semi-Independent Housing residents.  The RA will be chosing roommates for the double in the Cabin.
  • Whittemore House will continue to be available for student housing and will be Quiet Housing. 
  • The following triples are available for returning students during Triple Housing Selection: Howland West 1, All the Way 10, Happy Valley 5 &  8, Random South 9.
  • Cabins, Cottages, Red House and Whittemore House are Smoke Free by default UNLESS all residents agree smoking will be permitted.
Dorm Designation
All the Way Smoke Free
Cabins 1 & 2 Smoke-Free, Cabin 2 RA Housing
Cottages 1-6 Smoke-Free
Half Way - Top Floor Chem Free & Smoke-Free
Half Way - Garden Level Chem Free & Smoke-Free
Happy Valley Returning Students/Smoke-Free/Unavailable Spring 2015
Hendricks Chem Free & Smoke-Free
Howland Apartment Smoke-Free (Group Housing)
Howland East Smoke-Free
Howland West Smoke-Free
Marlboro Gardens All Female & Smoke-Free
Marlboro North Unavailable for 2014-2015
MSH 1-4 Smoke-Free, Faculty Fellows/Staff
Out of the Way Smoke-Free, Suite 9-10 Reduced Allergen (if needed)
Random North Apt. Faculty Fellow Housing or Res. Life Staff
Random North Quiet Housing & Smoke-Free
Random South Quiet Housing Overflow & Smoke-Free
Red House Quiet Housing
Schrader Smoke-Free
Whittemore House Quiet Housing


View the 2013-2014 Floor Plans Here:  floor_plans_rev031913

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