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Residential Life

Welcome to residential life at Marlboro College! We are hopeful that this page will serve as a resource to current and prospective community members.  If you have suggestions for how to improve this section of the website, or want to speak with any of our staff members, from the director to a Student Life Coordinator (SLC), the Safety Officer, or a resident assistant (RA) please don't ever hesitate to contact us in person or via email.

Vision: Marlboro College’s Residential Life Department works with students to co-create a regenerative living environment where residents are empowered to take ownership of their spaces, relationships & actions.

Mission:  To perform as a professional and accessible team that cultivates leadership development, facilitates proactive programming, and provides comprehensive crisis response. To evolve with the needs of the community and maintain Marlboro traditions and values while informed by student development best practices.

Values: Stewardship of our Marlboro home; Clear, concise & respectful communication on and offline; Understanding of our membership in the broader community; Compassionate accountability and kindness; Ownership of wellbeing; physical, emotional, spiritual.

Marlboro College seeks to provide students with a clean, safe and secure living environment. The Resident Assistant (RA) plays a critical role in this process. Under the leadership of a Student Life Coordinator (SLC), the Resident Assistant works with a residence or area to provide the individual contact with students which can be vital to their success. The Resident Assistant is committed to supporting student growth and to creating and encouraging a sense of community within their residential community.

Assistant Dean of Students: Sara Jane (SJ) Muratori is our Assistant Dean of Students and the director of housing and residential life. In addition to her role leading the Diversity and Inclusion Committee and supporting Sustainability efforts on campus, Sara Jane oversees the entire Residential Life department. She supervises the Safety Officer and the SLCs, oversees the Resident Assistant (RA) program, residential community accountability processes as laid out in our Constitution and Bylaws and Housing Contract, housing selection and meal plan selection.  The Assistant Dean also participates in the on-call emergency response rotation. She helps coordinate student support in collaboration with the Total Health Center and Academic Advising and the rest of the Student Life Team.  Sara Jane also works to promote collaborative and inclusive programming opportunities between the Residential Life team and on or off campus groups or organizations. 

Sara Jane grew up in a suburb of Cleveland, Ohio and spent many formative years in Portland, Oregon. Like many Marlboro students, her educational path was nonlinear.  After studying psychology and sociology at three different colleges in Ohio and Oregon, Sara Jane earned her BFA from Pacific Northwest College of Art (PNCA) in 2003 where she focused on art as a social practice.  After working as the printmaking studio tech and teaching in the pre-college program at PNCA, Sara Jane missed snow so much that she applied to graduate schools back east.  She earned her MFA in printmaking from Tyler School of Art in 2007.  Her big plans to work as a printmaking professor were thwarted by sensitivities to the chemicals in the studios, so she moved to New York City and worked for an AIDS nonprofit while discerning her next steps.  Called to study at Union Theological Seminary, Sara Jane integrated her experience in activism and fine art with liberation and process theologies. Her graduate work at Union, complimented by studies with ecofeminist process theologian Dr. Catherine Keller at Drew University, culminated in an MDiv in 2012 with a thesis advised by the founder of Black Liberation Theology, Rev. Dr. James Cone.  While earning her MDiv, Sara Jane had a baby who is now a fierce kindergartner. Sara Jane worked briefly as a minister in a summer church in central Vermont, and while she enjoyed that work, she felt drawn to return working with college students. 

Sara Jane joined Marlboro College in 2012 as a Student Life Coordinator. In June 2015, after a competitive national search, Sara Jane took the position of Director of Housing and Residential Life.  In June 2016, formal responsibilites for Sustainability and Diversity & Inclusion were added to the position and she was promoted to Assistant Dean of Students.  Motivated by a boundless desire to empower and engage students, Sara Jane believes in the Marlboro model.  Self-directed learning and self-governance is an unusual expectation of college-students, and those who gravitate toward, and thrive within it, are very special.  Sara Jane’s favorite part of her role at Marlboro is collaborating with students, staff, and faculty to cultivate a strong community where we hold each other accountable to ourselves, each other, and this place.  It is her hope that from this strong community, we will all emerge as confident collaborators in our work toward the equitable flourishing of all.

General Information

Contact the Office of Housing and Residential Life: First floor of Mather // housing <at> // tele 802-258-9232 // fax 802-257-4154

Information for Current Students

Residence Layouts

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