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Student Life Office

The Student Life department at Marlboro College exists to support the academic mission of the college by recognizing the connection between physical, emotional, intellectual and spiritual needs of our students. The staff works collaboratively to foster an environment that is caring, productive, safe and vibrant, where students are able to realize their full potential. Members of the staff work with the community to foster opportunities for academic excellence, leadership, interpersonal development, responsible decision-making and healthful living.

The Student Life staff believes in supporting Marlboro's values of individualism, self-responsibility and creativity, all in a manner that does not infringe on the good of the whole. We believe in the ideals of citizenship, integrity, personal responsibility and pluralism-where we are mindful of inclusion and respect for others. We realize that we exist in a dynamic community and that we serve as educators, role models and citizens in our community of self-governance. Our model of self-governance encourages students, staff and faculty to be responsible, respectful and accountable members of the community.

Luis Rosa 
Dean of Students

Max Foldeak 
Director of Health Services at the Total Health Center

Randy Knaggs
Director of the Outdoor Program

Lindsay Guido-Williams 
Director of the Career and Life-Path Center

Sara Jane Muratori 
Assistant Dean of Students

Judy Katz 
Counselor at the Total Health Center



Robyn Manning-Samuels
Student Life Coordinator for Health and Wellness/Survivor Advocate

Celena Romo 
Total Health Center Office Manager



Alison Trimmer 
Student Life Coordinator for Community Engagement

Ruth Loomis
 Nurse Practitioner at the Total Health Center



 Tanner Jones
Student Life Coordinator for Student Recreation and Sustainability