Instructions for Applying Earnings to Tuition

Below please find the student employment form to authorize a deduction from your earnings to be applied to your student account. Please complete the form, sign, date, and return the form to:

Marlboro College
Attn: Student Accounts
P.O. Box A, Marlboro, VT 05344-0300

or fax it to: 802-257-4154

Students may choose to apply up to $500 of anticipated earnings to their tuition prior to obtaining employment on campus. After obtaining a position, this amount can be increased up to $965.

Apply for a job that fulfills the obligation you are signing over toward your bill. If you are not fulfilling that obligation you will be contacted part way through the semester to adjust or remove any amounts you are not able to fulfill. Any amounts that are removed are due at that time.

Feel free to contact Student Accounts if you have questions. She may be reached by email or telephone at 802-258-9241.