Photo Storage and Editing Online

  • (Mac/PC) Online photo editing that works with Google Drive.
  • Picasa (PC/Mac) Photo organizer/editor from Google
  • iPhoto (Mac) Photo organizer/editor

PDF – Reading & Note taking

Screen Capture & Recording

  • Fireshot. A full web page screen capture extension for Chrome browser.
  • Quicktime (Mac) will take screenshots and video recordings.
  • Snipping tool (Included in Windows on a PC) will take screenshots and video recordings.
  • White board drawing and photos with voice over.
  • Presentations with voice over (Example).
  • Skitch (Mac/PC Free) Screen capture and annotate/draw file or online.
  • Call Note: Record Skype Calls.
  • Jing (Free) Quick simple online screen recording.
  • Camtasia (30 day free trial) Professional editable screencast production.

Images & Media for Use in Teaching

Camera Buying

Cameras are documenting tools. We recommend Canon SD Powershot cameras, but most major brands have good models. Your phone/tablet can also suffice, but remember to clean the lens often!
Buying Tips
  • Research inpartial, professional, reviews. Impartial reviews: Steve’s DigicamCNET Reviews.
  • Once you pick a brand, stay with that brand. This saves time because you can learn one interface, and reuse batteries, chargers and other parts as you buy over the years.
  • Don’t be fooled by the suspect features camera companies often use to distract you.
    • Optical zoom numbers matter, not digital. Digital zoom is not really zooming.
    • The more visible glass on the front of a lens, the better.
    • High mega pixels. A 10 megapixel camera with a good lens and a user who knows how to use the camera’s functions, can take better photos then a 20 megapixel camera that has a poor quality lens and cheaply made sensor chips.

Video Production

  • MovieMaker (PC) (Free) Video editing software bundled with Windows.
  • iMovie (Mac) (Free) Video editing software bundled with OSX.
  • MPEGStreamclip (Mac/PC) (Free) Excellent video compression/conversion tool.
  • YouTube (Free) Hosting for videos shorter than ten minutes and editing online.
  • Vimeo (Free) Better player then YouTube and hosting for videos longer than ten minutes.
  • Workflow: Case Jarvis

Audio Production

  • Audacity. Open source music editor
  • SmartMusic, software and the “world’s largest accompaniment library for all ages and skill levels.”

Teach Programming

Software and Skill Training

  • Tracking API for EdTech:

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