Uploading your Web Site

To make your web page available on the world wide web, it must be trasferred to a web server. Marlboro students, faculty and staff can use Akbar as a web server.  In addition to basic HTML support via Akbar, Marlboro provides a hosted WordPress installation, Google Sites and web pages for all courses.

Akbar Setup

To make your pages on Akbar available, you must store them in a folder called: html
The folder html needs to be located in your home directory. Any documents you place in the html folder will then be available on the web by pointing a web browser at an address like this:
The character before username is a tilde (~). It is typically located to the left of the numeral 1 key on your keyboard. The username is your Akbar username. webpage.html should be the name of the web page you wish to view.

If you've saved a web page called index.html in your html folder, you don't need to explicity name the web page in the address. For example, you would only need to enter:

There are several ways to transfer your files to akbar. Please see the File Transfer section of the Tutorials Page.