Webmail Vacation Message Tutorial

If you are leaving on vacation and would like to have your email account notify anyone who sends you a message that you are not checking your email for a while you can turn on a vacation message.

Enabling Your Vacation Message

  1. Login to Webmail
  2. Click the + next to the Filters & Vacation menu.
    Horde menu
  3. Click on Vacation.
    Horde menu
  4. Set your subject and message to reflect what you are doing.
    Vacation Message
  5. Choose a start and end date. There is currently a bug in the vacation system, where if you do not choose a start and end date your mail may be eaten by the server and never arrive.
  6. Click Save and Enable to turn on your vacation message.

Disabling Your Vacation Message

  1. Follow the steps for enabling your vacation message, but choose Save and Disable to turn off your message.