Insurance Information

Open Enrollment 2014

  1. Open Enrollment Memo
  2. Open Enrollment Instructions

Health Insurance

  1. Health Insurance Rates for 2014
  2. Health Insurance Election Form
  3. BCBSVT Group Enrollment Form
  4. HSA Direct Deposit Form
  5. Statement of Domestic Partnership
  6. Vermont Declaration of Coverage
  7. Delta Dental Enrollment Form
  8. Election of Vision Benefits Form
  9. HDHP Summary of Benefits and Coverage
  10. PPO Summary of Benefits and Coverage
  11. Delta Dental Summary of Benefits
  12. Vision Discount with Delta Dental
  13. VSP Vision Benefits Summary
  14. HSA Over the Counter Items Requiring Prescription

Access to BCBSVT

  • Login to the Blue Cross Blue Shield website. From the Blue Cross Blue Shield website you can access your coverage history, find providers and order prescriptions.
  1. Once on the BCBSVT website, click Member at the top of the page.
  2. Then click LOGIN or REGISTER at the bottom of the page.
  3. Using your ID card and personal information you can setup an account for access to all BCBSVT services.

Delta Dental Supplementary Information

Life & Long Term Insurances