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Staff Directory

Photo First Name Last Name Email Phone Title Office
Karleen Abbott 802-258-9246 Housekeeping Assistant Maintenance
Mary Ann Abney 802-451-7120 Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner Health Services
Elliot Anders 802 451 7559 Director of IT Information Technology
Hilary Baker 802 258 9228 Multimedia Specialist Academic Technology
John Baker 802 451 7551 Network Systems Administrator Information Technology
Matthew Barone 802-251-7644 Chief External Relations Officer Marketing, Communications and Development
Rebecca Bartlett 802 258 9226 Campus Store Manager Campus Store
Eliza Beardslee 802-258-9200 Program Assistant TESOL Graduate and Professional Studies
Casey Berg 802-257-4333 Admissions Counselor Undergraduate Admissions
Lynn Boles 802 251 7636 Senior Staff Accountant Accounting
Jim Bueche 802-258-9253 Student Life Coordinator for Student Recreation Student Life
Beverley Burkett 802-451-7514 Program Director, MA in Teach ESOL Graduate and Professional Studies
Kate Buttolph 802-275-4333 Title IX Coordinator  
Susan Caffery 802 258 9246 Assistant to the Director of Plant & Operations Maintenance
Michael Campitelli 802-251-7618 Associate Director of Admissions Undergraduate Admissions
Donald Capponcelli 802 251 7621 Carpenter Maintenance
Caleb Clark 802-258-9207 Program Director - Educational Technology Graduate and Professional Studies
Sean Conley 802 258 9203 Chief of Staff and Chief Learning Officer  
Dan Cotter 802 258 9297 Director of Plant & Operations Maintenance
Kathryn Doughty 802-258-9283 Temporary Career Counselor Career Services
Zephyr Ethier 802-251-7624 Advancement Services Manager Development
Jeremy Faucher 802-258-9241 Staff Accountant Accounting
Kieran Ficken 802-258-9236 Operations and Data Manager, Admissions Office Undergraduate Admissions
Kelly Fletcher 802-258-9200 Graduate Center Coordinator and Front Desk Manager Graduate and Professional Studies
Philip "Max" Foldeak 802 258 9250 Director of Psychological Services Health Services
Cathy Fuller 802 258 9237 Director of Financial Aid Financial Aid
Ian Gleason 802-251-7622 Vehicle Coordinator /Maint Assistant Maintenance
Richard Glejzer 802 258 9234 Dean of Faculty and Graduate Education Academic Affairs
Rachel Gravel 802-258-9305 Technical Services Librarian Library
Lindsay Guido 802-258-9283 Career Development Director Career Services
Angela Hamilton 802-258-9231 Non-Degree Program Administrative Assistant Undergraduate Admissions
Kara Hamilton 802-451-7506 Admissions Counselor Graduate and Professional Studies
Diane Heileman 802-258-9233 Assistant Registrar Registrar
Brad Hicks 802 258 9246 Housekeeping Assistant Maintenance
Jon Hill 802-258-9274 Technical Support Coordinator Information Technology
Jeremy Holch 802 258 9260 Director of Academic Support Services Academic Affairs
Amber Hunt 802 451 7579 Reference and Technology Librarian Library
Gail Hunt 802 251 7609 Development Operations Assistant Development
Margaret Hunt 802 258 9240 Administrative Assistant to Dean of Faculty & Faculty Academic Affairs
Mike Hutchins   802 258 9202 Tech Center Maintenance Graduate and Professional Studies
Julie van der Horst Jansen   Grant and Financial Management Assistant Graduate and Professional Studies
Kate Jellema 802 451 7510 Director, Non Profit Management Program Graduate and Professional Studies
Philip Johansson 802 258 9219 Senior Writer & Editor Communications and Marketing
Brent Johnston 802 258 9310 Carpenter Maintenance
Judith Katz 802 258 9249 Psychological Counselor Health Services
Randy Knaggs 802 258 9253 Outdoor Program Director Outdoor Program
Yvonne Laseter 802-258-9335 Safety Officer Student Life
Brigid Lawler 802-258-9261 Dean of Admissions Undergraduate Admissions
Kim Lier 802-251-7690 Nonprofit Certificate Coordinator Graduate and Professional Studies
Ruth Loomis 802-258-9225 Medical Manager/Nurse Practitioner Health Services
Lynn Lundsted 802 258 9258 Mail Services Manager Mail Services
Robyn Manning-Samuels 802-258-9227 Student Life Coordinator & Health & Wellness Advocate Student Life
Ella McIntosh 802-258-9242 Marketing and Events Associate Communications and Marketing
Brandon McNeice 802-258-9209 Assistant Director of Graduate Admissions Graduate and Professional Studies
Cheri Morris 802 258 9297 Housekeeping Assistant Maintenance
Larkspur Morton 207-322-2973 Executive Director,Expedition Education Institute Academic Affairs
Sara Jane Muratori 802-258-9232 Interim Director of Housing and Residential Life Student Life
Beth Neher 802-251-7698 Visiting Professor of Education; Capstone Coordinator Graduate and Professional Studies
Frederic Noyes 802-258-9200 Weekend Administrative Assistant Graduate and Professional Studies
Mary Ann O'Beirne 802-451-7146 Physician Assistant Health Services
Catherine O'Callaghan 802 258 9235 Assistant Dean of Academic Advising and Support Academic Advising
Donald Parker 802-451-7505 Admissions Assistant Graduate and Professional Studies
Kathleen Peterson 802 451 7502 Master Electrician Maintenance
Anne Pratt 802 251 7607 Senior Financial Management Officer Accounting
Monica Pulci 802-258-9244 Assistant to the President Office of the President
Jeff Putnam 802 258 9314 Waste Treatment Plant Operator & Plumber Maintenance
Kevin Quigley 802-258-9244 President Office of the President
Julie Richardson 802-258-9217 Registrar and Assistant Dean of Institutional Research Academic Affairs, Registrar
Michael Riley 802 251 7691 Developer Information Technology
Jayne Rivers 802 258 9312 Financial Aid Counselor Financial Aid
Celena Romo 802-258-9335 Total Health Center Office Manager Health Services
Luis Rosa 802-258-9238 Interim Dean of Students Student Life
Beth Ruane 802-451-7577 Library Director Library
Eliza Rudegeair 802-258-9230 Admissions Counselor Undergraduate Admissions
Mikaela Simms 802 258 9200 Education Administrator Graduate and Professional Studies
Stephen Sirum 802-258-9275 Staff Accountant Accounting
Maggie Strassman 802-257-4333 Director of International Services Academic Affairs
Ryan Stratton 802-257-4333 Admissions Counselor Undergraduate Admissions
Sunny Tappan 802 257 4333 Receptionist & Administrative Aid  
Neal Taylor 802-257-4333 Education Expedition Institute Faculty Academic Affairs
Alison Trimmer 802-257-4333 Student Life Coordinator Student Life
Diana Truncale   Housekeeping Assistant Maintenance
Kate Trzaskos 802-257-4333 Director of Non-Degree Programs Academic Affairs
Hillary Twining   Interim Annual Giving Director Development
Kathy Urffer 802-258-9206 Associate Registrar for Graduate & Professional Studies Graduate and Professional Studies
Kathy Waters 802-451-7145 Alumni Director, Development Office Alumni Relations
Abra White   Teaching Assistant  
Karen White   Degree Chair MSM HCA CPM Graduate and Professional Studies
Christopher York 802-451-7150 Counseling Intern Health Services

Faculty Directories