Incoming Students

Welcome new students! Each year, Marlboro is forever changed by a dynamic group of new students who bring their passions, energy and presence to our corner of the world. It is now your turn to be part of that group and we could not be more excited to learn from you, be inspired by you and welcome you to Marlboro College.

Prior to your arrival, there's a lot of information we need to exchange. The following links will help you prepare for your arrival at Marlboro.

  • Virtual Welcome Packet - In order to make things easier for you (and to further green our environment), we present to you all of the forms you need to complete by Tuesday, July 1, 2014.
  • Directions to Campus - And how do you find your way here? Find out!
  • Academic Calendar - Plan ahead and check out the 2014-2015 slate of important dates to remember.
  • What to Bring - How should you pack for Marlboro College? Check out this helpful list.

There's clearly plenty to get done and you may have questions. Please don't hesitate to contact me if there's something I can help clarify.

We truly look forward to meeting you.

Best regards,

Xenia Markowitt
Dean of Students