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According to the Community Constitution, the nine elected Selectpeople are responsible for community leadership, running the community government and representing student interests. The Selectpeople call Town Meeting every few weeks and prepare its agenda, including setting discussion topics as part of the Town Forum portion.


Helen Pinch, Head Selectperson


Nick Creel

Selecboard Clerk

Election Manager

 chris tripp

Christopher Tripp

Selectboard Treasurer



Beth Ruane

Faculty Comittee Liason


Grace Hamilton

Administrative Committee Liason


Eric Wefald

Town Meeting Officer Liason

 cyane t

Cyane Thomas

Project Committee Liason


Karla Julia Ramos

Resource Center Liason


 Tanner Jones

Operational Committee Liason


Current information, including minutes of meetings and committee rosters, is posted on Nook. Additional information about the Selectpeople, other committees, and Town Meeting proceedings is available in the College Handbook.

The Selectboard office is located in Gander 6.

The Selectpeople can be reached by emailing, or by contacting any of the current members.