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Information for Transfer Students

Are you a Transfer Student to Marlboro Interested in Doing the World Studies Program?

Good news!  Transfer students are eligible to be WSP students!  In fact, we typically have a few students every year who transfer into the Marlboro WSP program from other institutions.  

Students transferring in should speak to Maggie Patari and Jaime Tanner as soon as possible to discuss how they intend to fulfill program requirements.  Please note that students may be able to waive a WSP requirement if they have done comparable course work elsewhere.

Sample Timeline* for a 2-Year Transfer WSP Student:

 Third Year

  • World Studies Colloquium**
  • Finding an Internship**
  • Language classes
  • Research Methods**
  • Submit application to be a World Studies student
  • Finish Internship proposal and meet with Advsiors regarding Internship plan
  • Complete 6-8 month internship (beginning in Third Year Spring semester through the summer or summer through Fourth Year Fall semester)
  • Schedule and complete ACTFL language proficiency testing

 Fourth Year

  • Senior Seminar
  • Origins of the Contemporary World**
  • Course at SIT

*Please note: this is schedule is a sample but there is no "typical" Transfer WSP student.  

** If comparable credit not already fulfilled.

For a sample of a Typical WSP 4-Year Timeline, please view the WSP Timline page.