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World Studies Program

Marlboro College's World Studies Program (WSP) is a four-year course of study integrating the best traditions of liberal arts learning and international studies with a six-to-eight month internship in a foreign culture. Students who complete the program receive a Bachelor of Arts or Science in International Studies and their area of concentration, and graduate with the combined advantages of a liberal arts education, professional experience in their chosen area of the world and an international resume— a head start in the global workplace.

The World Studies Program draws on the resources of Marlboro College and the School for International Training (SIT). The two campuses are located 15 miles apart in the hills of southern Vermont. SIT, a world leader in international development, education, and exchange, sponsors programs for students and professionals from many countries and offers opportunities for personal encounters with students, professionals, and travelers from all over the globe. Students in the World Studies Program take graduate level courses at SIT after completing their internships. Other resources such as language instruction, an international career center, and the SIT library are available to Marlboro students.

Students who complete the World Studies Program develop a level of self-knowledge, confidence, and cross-cultural skills posesed by few undergraduates; and they become prime candidates for work in international fields.  There is no "typical" WSP student; past students have interned in journalism, business, education, human rights, public policy, agriculture, epidemiology, ecotourism, relief work, gender studies, development and scientific research. They have studied global issues from a wide variety of disciplinary perspectives: anthropology, environmental studies, computer science, literature, history, sociology, political science, economics, chemistry, biology and the arts.  Graduates of the program have been accepted into graduate schools such as Columbia University, the University of Chicago and the University of Pennsylvania. Over two thirds of the graduates now work or study in international fields.  Today, program graduates in such fields as diverse as law, environmental policy, social work, education and medicine.

  • Finances: Students pay a reduced tuition cost, receive financial and institutional aid for the semester, and pay room and board directly overseas.  
  • Procedure: Students will go on "Absentia 1." They should schedule an appointment to come see Maggie and fill out an Absentia 1 application.

For additional information, please contact:

Jaime Tanner, director of world studies

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