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Writer's Block / Learning Center

Schedule : Spring 2019

Students are encouraged to sign up in advance for tutoring by using the sign-up sheet located on the bulletin board just outside the door of the Writer's Block. Students choosing to "drop in" must defer to those who may already have signed up for a given session. A session is limited to single half-hour slots although a session may run longer if no other student arrives for tutoring. For more information regarding the Writer's Block, scroll down to just below the schedule.

Current Writer's Block tutors: Hailey Mount and Tristan Rolfe

  Sunday Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
10:00       Hailey M.    
10:30       Hailey M.    
  Hailey M.     
12:00 pm            
2:00   HaileyM.         
2:30   HaileyM.         
3:00   Hailey M.        
3:30   Hailey M.        
4:00   Hailey M. Hailey M.      
4:30   Hailey M. Hailey M.       
5:00   Hailey M. Hailey M.     


Hailey M. Hailey M.    
6:00   Hailey M.      
6:30   Anna M.  
Anna M.    

Anna M. 

  Anna M.    

Anna M. 

  Anna M.     
8:00   Anna M.    Anna M.      
8:30   Anna M.    Anna M.      
9:00   Anna M.    Anna M.     

THE WRITER'S BLOCK: General Information

WHAT: The Writer’s Block at Marlboro College is a student-staffed writing center in which students can receive individualized peer tutoring for their written work. Writing tutors are trained to provide support at all stages of the writing process: from initial brainstorming for a topic or thesis/claim, outlining and organizing the overall structure of a piece, to constructive feedback for final revisions and editing. Tutors are also an excellent resource for developing a firmer grasp on formal written grammar.

WHERE: The Writer’s Block is located in the Learning Center on the first floor of the Rice-Aron Library, just by the entrance that faces Dalrymple. The Learning Center also houses the office of the Director of Academic Support Services.

HOW: Tutors are available during regularly scheduled blocks of time as indicated on the Writer’s Block Schedule posted at various places around campus. To receive tutorial support for writing, students may either drop by the Writer’s Block during available hours or sign up for a specific slot of time with a specific tutor. The sign-up sheet is posted on the bulletin board just outside the Writer’s Block. Signing up ahead of time is encouraged as the tutors frequently become very busy. On the other hand, dropping in has its advantages.

HOW OFTEN: As a general rule, students may sign up/drop in for one half-hour session a day.. Of course, if a tutor is not busy during the remaining block of scheduled time, a session may be extended into that time. Currently, students may sign up or drop in for as many sessions a week as desired; however, in times of high demand, limits may be set and will be posted on the Writer's Block bulletin board.

WHO: Any enrolled student may make use of the tutoring available in the Writer’s Block.

TUTORS: Writer’s Block tutors are selected by the Writing faculty and the Director of Academic Support Services. In order to qualify for consideration, a student must have taken and completed two prerequisite courses: "Element of Style" and "Writing and the Teaching of Writing."


The Writer’s Block is an excellent place to get help with your writing as you work toward developing your Clear Writing portfolio. Generally, it is much more useful to get regular and consistent feedback on your writing than to seek such support at the last minute. So see a tutor early in the process and make follow-up appointments as necessary. And keep in mind that Writer’s Block tutors have been through all this themselves.

For more information regarding the Writer’s Block and the writing tutoring available in it, please feel free to contact the Director of Academic Support Services or track down one of the tutors.

If you are concerned that difficulties encountered in the writing process are or may be related to a learning disability or other learning differences, don’t hesitate to contact the Director of Academic Support Services to discuss your concern and pursue reasonable support for writing strategies and skills development.


Who's Who in the Writer's Block/Learning Center: Fall 2018



Writing Tutor: Hailey Mount

Year:  Senior 2

Academic Interests: I originally came to Marlboro for writing and still love that, but now I study plant biology and environmental ethics focusing on invasive species, ecological restoration, and different ways of knowing. In general though, I'm interested in most topics. 

Favorite Marlboro Class: Plants of Vermont with Jenny was a particularly fun class.

Community Involvement: I was a Resident Assistant for a year and organized a bunch of events and things on/off campus. I've also been a Peer Adviser, given a few presentations, and I'm a member of the Consent Calvary.

Advice for Students: Give it the 'ol college try!



Writing Tutor: Anna M.


Year: Junior 2

Academic Interests: Literature and writing, creative writing, and the political / philosophical writings of Spinoza.

Favorite Marlboro class: What Will Suffice: American Literature in the 20th Century with John Sheehy, in which you read ten of the saddest novels ever written. 

Community Involvement: Selectboard member from May 2018 to May 2019

Advice Students I find that whenever I'm stuck in my writing process, the problem is almost always alleviated by reading, talking, or moving. Making time to read more about the topic, talking about it to someone (or even just out loud to myself), and going for long walks are all my go-to methods for calming myself down and regaining clarity. 



Academic Peer Coach: Janelle K.


Year: Senior 2

Academic Interests: I am currently studying psychology and religious studies with a focus on the three Abrahamic religions (Judaism, Christianity, and Islam) and child psychology. I also have an interest in criminal youth justice and visual arts. 

Favorite Marlboro class: My favorite Marlboro class was "An Introduction to Quranic and Classical Arabic" with the Arabic Fellow, Ahmed Hassanein. This class was a two-person class that gave a wonderful introduction to Quranic Arabic as well as learning about different cultures.

Community Involvement:  I have been a Bridges Leader twice. I co-led a trip called "Stuff N' Things: An Outdoor Sampler," two years ago as well as a caving trip called "The Land Down Under" this past fall. I have also been a Peer Advisor and the student representative of the Committee of The First Two Years. 

Advice StudentsMarlboro is small, if you feel like it's too small remember we have acres and acres of forest surrounding us, and countless trees, moss pillows, rocks, and paths. These places are wonderful and are always help me escape if I feel stuck on the Hill. Go for a walk and find a sit spot!