Academic Peer Coaching

 Academic Peer Coaching is available at the "Research Bar" on the ground floor of the library. A peer coach can be found at the Research Bar during scheduled coaching hours. Please feel free to drop in for assistance with your academic support concerns, including time management, active reading, note taking, and general course load management.

  • Mondays: 9:30am-11:30am, with Emma
  • Thursdays: 7:00pm-9:00pm, with Emma


Academic Peer Coach|Spring 2014


                                                 Emma McCamant

                                                           Senior 1 


Academic Interests: I’m currently studying biology with Jaime Tanner, so science has to be an academic interest of mine on some level.  I’ve always had a passion for math, though, and I actually originally came to Marlboro intending to only study math.  Luckily, I can kind of do both!

 Thoughts on the Role of Academic Peer Coaches and Writing Staff:   We’re a less intimidating and more casual resource for students.  I think sometimes going to a professor or some other kind of “authority figure” can be daunting for students.  Having a peer there to help makes it a little easier.

Favorite Marlboro Class:  I have a couple.  My favorite class that I took within my field of study was probably Jaime Tanner’s Genetics and Evolution class.  It was really interesting.  However, my Sophomore 2 semester, I was lucky enough to take a class with Brenda Foley called Performing Normalcy, which was super interesting and outside of my academic comfort zone.

 Community Involvement:  I’ve been a member of a couple committees including Town Meeting Scholarship Fund and the Academic Integrity Committee.  I’ve always worked for the non-degree program in Admissions with Ariel Brooks.  I was also Community Court Clerk for about a minute, but realized I don’t type anywhere near fast enough to take notes on Community Court cases.

 Advice for Students:  In terms of academic advice, I have three things.  First, use your professors.  Form a relationship with them and figure out with whom you work well and who you don’t really mesh with because you’re going to want to know that when it comes time to pick a plan sponsor.  Second, use your Freshman and Sophomore years to take those classes that are out of you comfort zone because you never know what you’ll find.  Third, don’t stress over writing requirement.  It isn’t a big deal.

In terms of personal advice, don’t let your homework consume you.  Make time for yourself to have fun doing whatever it is you want to do.