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Academic Peer Coaching

 Academic Peer Coaching is available at the "Research Bar" on the ground floor of the library. A peer coach can be found at the Research Bar during scheduled coaching hours. Please feel free to drop in for assistance with your academic support concerns, including time management, active reading, note taking, and general course load management.

  • Mondays: 7:00pm-8:00pm, with Helen
  • Wednesdays: 7:00pm-10:00pm, with Helen


Academic Peer Coaching|Fall 2015


                                                 Helen Pinch

                                                    Junior 1


Academic Interests:   Literature, Music, Cultural Studies

Thoughts on the Role of Academic Peer Coaches and Writing Staff:     Peer coaching at Marlboro didn't exist my first semester here. In training for the position, however, I've already reconsidered some of my own study tactics and attitudes. I think students can benefit hugely from simply sitting with a peer coach --who's probably gone through academic struggles of their own-- and talking through study tactics. As a fellow Marlboro student, I understand (some of) the tribulations that come with simply trying to get work done.  

Favorite Marlboro Class:   My favorite was John Sheehy's "Deserve's Got Nothing To Do With It" writing seminar. The focus was on American film and our collective constructions of morality. We watched films ranging from Westerns to Gangster films, and I was given the unique opportunity to view American culture in a writing intensive class. 

 Community Involvement:  Events Committee, Committee on Health and Wellness

 Advice for Students:   If you feel like a change of scenery and your homework is driving you crazy, go into town and get a tuna melt at Amy's.