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Faculty-Led Trips

Marlboro College sponsors faculty-led field trips as a way of supplementing and supporting the curriculum. Outside funding sources, such as the Freeman Foundation Undergraduate Asian Studies Initiative (FFUASI) and the Christian Johnson Endeavor Foundation (CJEF), have increased the number of trips we can offer enhancing short-term international and intercultural experiences.

On a faculty-led field trip, students and faculty work closely together to delve deeper into the course topic, adding an experiential and hands-on component to the traditional classroom learning.

A faculty-led trip is one of the best options for students who would like to go abroad for a short-term period of time, who enjoy the Marlboro model and would like to experience a similar structure in a different cultural context, and for students who would like to experiment with travel before committing to a longer stay outside of the country.

Marlboro regularly offers a TESOL Certificate course, in which students and faculty travel to Costa Rica during Spring Break for a special module called TESOL Certificate Teaching PracticeIn addition, other faculty-led trips are offered each year, varying on the basis of course offerings and faculty initiative. In the past, faculty have brought students to a variety of countries such as Senegal, Nepal, Turkey, Cuba, Egypt and many others. Check out the range of experiences that Marlboro students and faculty shared throughout the years.

Faculty members, refer to the Faculty-Led Trip Planning Guide.