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Marlboro Exchange Programs

Marlboro College has established exchange partnerships with four international universities around the globe. Marlboro students are welcome to study abroad at any of these institutions for a term or a year, without the hassle of matriculation applications, consortia forms, or lack of administrative support. 

BISLA (Slovakia):
Study as an exchange student in Bratislava! As the capital city of Slovakia, it is located beside the borders of Austria, Hungary, and the Czech Republic, making travel to Vienna, Budapest and Prague easily accessible. Marlboro’s partnership with Bratislava International School of Liberal Arts, or BISLA, allows Marlboro students to study at BISLA while BISLA students study at Marlboro in an exchange.

BISLA’s tight-knit community resembles the academic and social vibes that make Marlboro a worthwhile and rewarding experience. BISLA offers small classes which tendto be no larger than 10 students. If study abroad and small faculty-student ratio is a necessity in your studies and lifestyle, BISLA is a great fit! Courses at BISLA are very specialized and focus on Political Science, with concentrations in either International Relations, Central European Studies, or Political Thought. The international office supports exchange students through the visa process, securing housing, enrolling in courses, and orientation upon arrival.

Courses taken by exchange students are taught in English. For a better look at what you can expect at BISLA, feel free to visit the course catalog or view their YouTube video.

Charles University (Czech Republic):

For a student seeking a larger university experience in one of Europe’s most historic and beautiful destinations, Marlboro’s partnership with Charles University in Prague is a great program to consider. With close to 50,000 students, a semester or year-long stay at Charles University presents a unique opportunity for students who long for a change of pace from Marlboro, in terms of social and academic culture. Charles University’s international office guides Marlboro students through their application process, obtaining a Czech visa, and all other pre-arrival preparations. Members of the International Student Club meet incoming students during the Orientation Week and guide them around not only through the necessary academic arrangements but also run a buddy program, excursions, and other social events. Charles offers Czech language classes at various levels, from Beginners to Intermediate.

Charles University is the oldest and largest university in the Czech Republic. Charles offers 17 programs, including ones dedicated to Catholic Theology, Protestant Theology, Hussite Theology. Law, Arts, Pharmacy, Science, Mathematics and Physics, Education, Social Sciences, Physical Education and Sport, Humanities, and five separate Medicine Faculties are also among the disciplines offered.

For more information on Charles University, visit their website or view their YouTube video.

Leuphana University (Germany):  

Marlboro’s partnership with Leuphana University, a medium-sized campus of just under 8,000, offers a unique undergraduate exchange experience in Lüneburg, Germany. With 30 different degree programs ranging within the fields of Sciences, Technology, and Business, Leuphana’s curriculum differs greatly from Marlboro’s liberal arts emphasis. Such a curriculum would be particularly helpful to students wishing to explore their academic interests within discipline areas for which Marlboro does not formally provide faculty support. The International Office at Leuphana University offers a Language and Orientation Program for international exchange students that includes intensive German language courses at all levels. Upon arrival, a Leuphana student, called a “buddy,” serves as a contact person for a new international student, in particular during the first few days and weeks after his or her arrival in Lüneburg. The buddy picks up the new student at the airport or train station, takes the student to the accommodation, and helps them to feel at home at the new place of residence and study. The International Office organizes a pre-sessional orientation program for exchange students, which aims at preparing exchange students for studying and living in Lüneburg.

For more information about Leuphana, please visit their Exchange Student website or view their YouTube video.


Heilongjiang University (China):

For Marlboro students who are Mandarin language learners, our partnership with Heilongjiang University in the "New England" of China is a wonderful program. Students can study for one or two months in an intensive language environment during summer breaks. The exchange is facilitated by Heilongjiang alum and Marlboro Chinese professor Grant Li.