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Study Abroad Opportunities at Marlboro College

Marlboro students can study abroad through any provider or at any institution provided it is accredited and approved by the Office of International Services for safety criteria.  At Marlboro, when students are abroad, they are said to be "on absentia" for that semester.  


  • Why Go Abroad?  Studying overseas is one of the most challenging, interesting - and yes, fun! experiences you can have as an undergraduate.  Talk to anyone who has studied abroad and they will tell you about the stories they have about intercultural understanding, interesting differences, unique challenges and experiences utterly unlike anything they could have imagined in the US.  
    • Still looking for more reasons to go?  Studies have been done on how study abroad experiences are directly related to career development and landing a job.
  • Where Can I Go?  Unlike other schools, Marlboro does not have a small list of programs that students are eligible to go on.  Marlboro students can go on any program provided it is accredited and approved by the Office of International Services if there are any safety concerns. Visit the Program Options page to learn about all of the opportunities available to you.
  • How Do I Find a Program?  You can begin with an overview search on a study abroad search engine.  It's a good idea to follow this up by coming to talk to the director of international services in Gander. Each program has its own strengths and weaknesses.  

Here are a few examples of sites to get you started searching:

  •  What's the Timeline for Study Abroad?  Most students prefer to study abroad as a Junior.  That being said, Marlboro students have gone abroad any time from Sophomore 1 right through Senior 1 semester.  There is no right time -- it's whatever time is right for you.  You can go abroad and study for a semester, a summer or a full academic year. 
  • What Should I Do Next?  Stop by the Office of International Services in the Library to talk with the director of international services, start looking at Marlboro's Study Abroad Worksheet, review your Program Options, and check out our Practical Information page.

You can email the director of international services anytime at: or