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Natural Sciences

Faculty members in the natural sciences work with students to help them learn both the content and methodology in a range of scientific disciplines, from astronomy to environmental studies. That is, we strive to help students gain not only the body of knowledge appropriate to their fields of study, but also an appreciation for how science in each of these fields is conducted. Introductory courses are designed both for students who may take only a single course in the natural sciences at Marlboro and for those intending to complete Plan work in the natural sciences. After obtaining an appropriate background in introductory and intermediate level courses, many Plan students in the natural sciences conduct field or lab research in their areas of interest. Plans in the natural sciences are often cross-disciplinary, including combinations such as biology and dance, biology and psychology, computer science and music, languages and computer science, biochemistry and politics or physics and philosophy. Students may also, of course, complete natural science Plans in a single field of study. The natural science faculty encourage students to study broadly within the natural sciences and throughout Marlboro’s liberal arts curriculum.

Degree fields:

Computer Science
Environmental Studies

James MahoneyJim Mahoney
Computer Science

Matt OllisMatt Ollis

Jennifer RamstetterJennifer Ramstetter
Biology and Environmental Studies

Todd SmithTodd Smith
Chemistry and Biochemistry

Jamie TannerJaime Tanner

Sara Salimbeni Sara Salimbeni
Astronomy, Physics