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The arts at Marlboro consist of the performing arts, the visual arts and writing. The arts faculty is dedicated to giving students the technical means to work in their chosen field, as well as the intellectual and aesthetic background to understand how the arts (and artists) interact with their environment: how the arts mediate culture. To support the pursuit of these goals, students are expected to study broadly across the curriculum during their first two years at Marlboro. In each of the art degree fields, faculty offer courses every semester that develop critical and historical thinking as well as courses dedicated to improving technical proficiency.

Performing arts degree fields are:

Visual arts degree fields are:

Writing degree fields are:


Stan CharkeyStan Charkey

Jay CravenJay Craven
Film/Video Studies

Brenda FoleyBrenda Foley

Kristin HorriganKristin Horrigan

Kristin HorriganMartina Lantin

Paul NelsenPaul Nelsen

Cathy OsmanCathy Osman
Painting, Drawing and Mixed Media

Felicity RatteFelicity Ratté
Art History

Cathy OsmanMatan Rubinstein

Tim SegarTim Segar

John WillisJohn Willis

T. Hunter WilsonT. Hunter  Wilson
Writing and Literature