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Gifts & Donations Policy

The Rice-Aron Library and Graduate Center Library

**Please note: due to space and staffing constraints, the Libraries are not accepting dontations this academic year. Alumni and other friends of the College who wish to make a donation should contact the Library Director, Beth Ruane (, directly.**

Gifts of Materials to the Libraries

The Libraries welcome gifts of books and other materials that extend and compliment existing collections. Because of the high cost of storage and processing, and the need to maintain collections which directly support the curricular needs of Marlboro College, the Libraries are unable to accept all donations, and offers of donations are evaluated on an individual basis. Although exceptions may be made, materials that fall outside of our collecting policy generally include: textbooks, popular fiction, popular magazines, and titles the Libraries already owns.

All gifts will be reviewed by an appropriate subject specialist prior to acceptance. Potential donors are asked to keep the following conditions in mind:

  • Donors will be requested to provide a list of titles for the Libraries to review before a donation is accepted.
  • Items should support subjects and disciplines taught at Marlboro.
  • The Libraries cannot appraise the value of donated material.
  • Gifts become property of the Marlboro Libraries upon receipt and the Libraries may make all decisions regarding appropriateness of subject, condition of individual items, and whether or not any individual item will be added to the collection. Materials accepted but not added to the collection may be given to book sales, exchanged with other libraries, or recycled.
  • Material donated will not be returned to the donor.
  • Gift/donation processing is secondary to fulfilling the mission of the libraries.

Individuals wishing to donate materials to the Libraries are asked to contact Beth Ruane, Library Director, before bringing donations to the library.

The Library provides donors a thank you letter acknowledging receipt of the gift, including a rough description of the extent of the gift (i.e., number of boxes or volumes). We cannot assign any value for tax purposes etc.  Donors must obtain an appraisal at their own cost if they desire such.

For more information regarding gifts to the College, or if you would like to support the Libraries other than by a donation of materials, please contact the Development Office.