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Plan Information

Personal Copies of Plan

Town Meeting provides funding for each graduate to receive a bound copy of their Plan of Concentration. If you would like to receive a bound copy of your Plan to keep, here's how it works:

  • When you fill out the Plan Processing and Permission Form, indicate how many personal bound copies of your Plan you'd like (first one free; additional @ $20.00 apiece, billed to your student account).
  • You'll be asked to provide a mailing address to which your Plan(s) can be sent in late summer/early fall. If you’re not yet sure where you’ll be at that point, consider providing the address of a family member or friend.
  • The library receives them back in late summer/early fall and mails them to you then.
  • N.B.: your library account must be cleared (all items returned and/or fines and replacement charges paid) before the library will mail your personal plan copy to you.

Plan Copyright and Access

Marlboro College graduates own the copyrights to their Plans of Concentration, or the author’s heirs if the author is deceased.

Physical copies of Plans are normally shelved in the Plan Room at the Rice-Aron Library and are available for browsing and perusal by Marlboro College community members and visitors. If you would prefer that access to the physical copy of your plan be restricted, please notify the Library.

Electronic copies of Plans are uploaded to college servers and made available via links in the library catalog. Access to electronic plans is available to anyone using a computer on campus as well as to Marlboro College faculty, students, staff, and alumni who are off campus (Marlboro login required). If you would prefer that access to the digital copy of your plan be withheld, please notify the Library.

Written permission of the author, or the author's heirs, is necessary in order to photocopy or otherwise reproduce a Plan or parts of a Plan, with the following exceptions:

  • Marlboro College faculty may reproduce a small portion (no more than 10%) of a Plan for instruction purposes without permission.
  • Faculty may post electronic versions of Plans on electronic reserves in Marlboro Courses.
  • Faculty may also place photocopies of plans on reserve shelves in the library provided a written permission of the author is obtained.

Upon request, and with the permission of the Plan author, or the author's heirs, the library will supply photocopies or scans of portions of Plans of Concentration. Please allow 10-14 business days for processing. The charge for this service is $0.25/page copied or scanned, plus $5.00 shipping for print copies (no delivery charge for emailing scanned copies).

last updated February 14, 2019