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Mission Statement

Marlboro College Rice-Aron Library and Graduate Center Library

The mission of the Rice-Aron Library and Graduate Center Library is to support student learning, faculty teaching, and student and faculty research, as well as to provide service to Marlboro College staff and to the larger community beyond campus by acquiring, cataloging and storing pertinent materials including books, periodicals, microforms, audiovisual materials, archival materials and electronic resources. The libraries support the educational goals of The Corporation of Marlboro College by offering Information Literacy instruction and research assistance by professional librarians, providing an environment appropriate for study and research, and cooperating with other libraries, both within Vermont and around the world, in order to obtain the resources necessary for research.

The Rice-Aron Library and the Graduate Center Library are guided by the Intellectual Freedom Principles for Academic Libraries that were adopted by the ALA Council on July 12, 2000.

revised June 2004