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Rice-Aron Library Honor Code

(Resolution Endorsed by Marlboro College Town Meeting on April 9, 2008; Re-Endorsed by Town Meeting on April 24, 2013; Re-Endorsed by Town Meeting on September 17, 2014; Re-Endorsed by Town Meeting on September 16, 2015)

The purpose of the Library Honor Code is to encourage empathy for the needs of others and personal responsibility for conservation of our limited resources. By taking an active part in affirming this code, community members do in fact help sustain the freedom of self-governance at Marlboro College and the privilege of 24/7 access to library resources.

To support this honor code, the Rice-Aron Library users:

Uphold equal access to library resources. This includes but is not limited to:

  • Check out our library materials.
  • Return or renew library materials by their due date. 
  • Return reserve materials by their due time.
  • Return materials prior to due date if they are no longer needed or if they are recalled by librarians for the use of someone else. In the latter case, the library staff will ensure equal access to the desired materials by all parties.
  • Put materials not checked out into return bins or on designated library re-shelving carts when you are done with them.
  • Return interlibrary loan books on time out of respect for our lending libraries and our peers at fellow institutions. In this way, we respect equal access to all who seek knowledge.

Respect the aesthetic and functional aspects of the library building. This is necessary to maintain an environment conducive to academic pursuits or quiet relaxation, and to relieve the library staff from undue burdens. This category includes but is not limited to:

  • Respect the library as a community space but foremost as an academic building and a forum for knowledge.
  • Clean up garbage, food, personal items, etc.
  • When absent from the library, store personal items and checked-out books neatly on empty shelves and do not leave them in library classrooms, the computer lab and its offices, library tables, library chairs and anything that might be used by someone else.
  • Return furniture to original locations after moving it (that includes bookshelves, lamps, chairs, and tables.).
  • Respect the library’s quiet atmosphere by using headphones, conducting study group activities in classrooms, and using cell phones only in the stairways.
  • Respect the health needs of others by complying with relevant campus health and safety policies, including those regarding smoking and animals.
  • Do not waste energy by leaving lights on and windows open unnecessarily.
updated May 1, 2013