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Senior Plan Award Application Process

Seniors on Plan may apply for awards up to $300 for materials or services to support the Plan of Concentration. Examples of fundable expenses include equipment for experiments, costumes for a performance, books for Plan tutorials, language instruction, a consultant to work on some aspect of the Plan, computer software, art supplies, etc. Awards are generally not available to support travel.


Full-time Seniors with a Final Plan Application on file who intend to graduate in December 2017 or May 2018. Priority may be given to those who have not received other College-sponsored grant funding (summer internship grants, Gander grants, language grants, etc.). Requests may include up to two semesters’ worth of senior expenses.

Application Procedure

Please e-mail Margaret Hunt, with a copy to Richard Glejzer the following information:

  • Name of the student and the Plan Sponsor providing a statement of support
  • Plan topic
  • Description of what the funds will be used for
  • Dollar amount requested in the context of a complete budget showing other sources of support received or sought
  • Narrative explaining how the expenditure will substantially improve the Plan
  • E-mailed statement of support from the Plan Sponsor

Applications should be written in a manner suitable for College use in internal reports, public relations, fundraising, etc.

Criteria for Awards

Academic rationale expressed in a thorough, thoughtful application letter.


Early applications have an advantage. Applications will be reviewed and funds allocated on a rolling basis after the initial deadlines (September 30th in the fall and February 15th in the spring).


No awards will be made retroactively for funds previously spent. Marlboro College does not reimburse for sales tax. Generally one reimbursement check will be issued upon submission of all receipts. Submit receipts to Margaret Hunt, Assistant to the Dean of Faculty.

Items purchased with grant funds are the property of Marlboro College and must be left with the Plan sponsor, who will determine how these materials may best benefit future Plan students. Those who do not have property to return to the College are strongly encouraged to consider some form of reciprocity, such as a sample of artwork created with the funds. This artwork will be displayed on campus as part of the College’s permanent collection.