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The Roderick M. Gander Scholarship for World Studies

The Scholarship

The Roderick M. Gander Scholarship for World Studies will be awarded each year to students in the World Studies Program during the semester in which they are immersed in a foreign culture engaged in an approved working internship.  The Gander Scholarship will be incremental to any other financial aid for which the students may be eligible during the semester of their internship experiences.  The value of the Gander Scholarship will typically be equivalent to 40% of the cost of tuition in effect during the semester in which students participate in their internships.  In those cases in which the addition of the Gander Scholarship with other financial aid received by the students results in the total amount of financial aid exceeding the cost of attendance[1] as defined by Federal guidelines for the awarding of student financial aid, the amount of the Gander Scholarship shall be limited to an amount that, when combined with other aid for which students are eligible, will not exceed the cost of attendance.

Eligibility for the Gander Scholarship requires that students have been admitted to the World Studies Program, completed all coursework prerequisite to the internship, and obtained approval of the internship from the Director of the World Studies Program after the submission of an Internship Proposal and the completion of an Internship Proposal Review.

Awarding of the Scholarship

In the semester prior to scheduled internships, the Director of the World Studies Program will provide the Financial Aid Office a list of students who will be engaged in internships and eligible for the Scholarship in the subsequent semester.  That notification will be forwarded to the Financial Aid Office no later than the deadline for students to submit absentia applications.  On the basis of information received from the Director of the World Studies Program, the Financial Aid Office will revise the value of each student’s overall financial aid package.  The Financial Aid Office will communicate the revisions in financial aid to each student in a formal award letter, and will coordinate with the Student Billing office the updating of each student’s account to reflect the awarding of the Scholarship.

[1] The cost of attendance for a student is an estimate of that student’s educational expenses for the period of enrollment.  The cost of attendance includes tuition and fees as well as allowances for books, supplies, transportation and miscellaneous personal expenses.