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Internal Opportunities for Students: Information & Overview

Internal Grant Opportunities

The following opportunities are currently available for Marlboro students. Please note the eligibility criteria and deadlines for each prior to applying.  

Grant Opportunities for Marlboro Students:

The deadline for all Summer 2017 grants is March 3rd. 

  • Christian Johnson Endeavor Foundation (CJEF) International Experience Grants: CJEF International Experience grants are awarded to Marlboro students who wish to pursue opportunitites abroad. These experiences could range from overseas classes, conducting independent research or undertaking an internship abroad.  For questions, please contact Seth Harter
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  • Summer Internship Grants: Marlboro provides support for summer internships to enable students to take volunteer or low-paid positions in organizations and gain applied experience in their academic fields. Our hope is that students will engage in work that cannot be done on campus and that they will establish relationships with professionals who may be helpful to them in the future. Students in the past have interned in non-profit organizations, research centers, laboratories, art studios, cultural festivals, hospitals, correctional facilities and museums. Students have also received support for their own independent, Plan-related research project, guided by a Marlboro College faculty member or a mentor at another institution. Grants are made only to support Plan-related summer internships or projects.  The Prizes & Scholarships Committee administers summer internship grants. For questions, please contact Jim Mahoney.
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  • Environmental Internship grants: Marlboro has received funds to support student work on the environment. These funds offer opportunities for research support at all levels and from all disciplines, and for student attendance at conferences or workshops relating to environmental topics. In addition, the grant will support summer internships or field work relating to the environment. A group of faculty in Environmental Studies administers the environmental grants. For questions, please contact Jim Mahoney
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  • Summer Language Grants: Summer Language Grants are awarded to continuing Marlboro students to pursue language study off-campus during the summer break. The goal of the summer language grants is to give students a means by which they can develop skills in languages they have been studying at the college or continuing or new study of a language that is not taught at Marlboro. The language study should be integrated into the academic program of the student, and intensive immersion programs are recommended. The Language Committee administers summer language grants. For questions, please contact Seth Harter.
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  • Geiger Grants for Student Travel: The Prizes and Scholarships Committee announces the availability of Geiger Grants to fund student travel related to your studies at Marlboro College. A total of $5,000 is available for the period summer 2016-spring 2017 to fund several students. For questions, please contact Jim Mahoney.
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Other Grant Opportunities for Marlboro Students:

  • The Jerome I. Aron Fund was created to celebrate "the close collaboration between Marlboro students and faculty by awarding annual grants to support research, fieldwork and/or the acquisition of materials used for collaborative study. Students and their faculty sponsor will apply jointly for Aron Grants." The Prizes & Scholarships Committee administers Aron grants. Applications will be reviewed on a rolling basis after the initial Fall and Spring deadlines (to be announced) if funds are still available.  Early applications have an advantage.  Contact: Jim Mahoney.
    The online form is currently not functional.  Please submit your request directly to Margaret Hunt.
  • The Arthur D Butler Fund was created to "provide support to juniors and seniors whose Plan of Concentration includes the study of poverty and social policy, preferably in the U.S., or abroad." Grant funds are to be used for research and expenses related to the recipient’s Plan, such as books, supplies, travel costs and similar expenses. These grants are intended to support student work, in contrast to the Aron grants which are for student and faculty collaborative work. The Prizes & Scholarships Committee administers Butler grants.  Applications will be reviewed when received.  Contact: Jim Mahoney.
  • Geiger Pop-Up Awards are open to all students in good standing and are meant to stimulate unconventional proposals. Please answer the question: What extraordinary thing could you do for your Marlboro experience with $1,000? This award is by no means limited to academic projects. Submit your entries by April 5, 2017. The online form is currently not functional.  Please submit your request directly to Isabella Grunberger-Kirsh.
  • Senior Plan Awards: Fulltime seniors with a Plan application on file may apply for up to $300 for materials or services to support the Plan of Concentration. Deadlines are September 30th in the Fall, and February 15th in the Spring. The academic affairs office administers Senior Plan awards  Contact: Margaret Hunt
  • The Town Meeting Scholarship Fund awards grants to students to pursue activities that serve the college's mission.  Grants are typically $100-$600 and no student may be awarded more than $1000 in a single academic year.  There are typically two deadlines per semester and for unforeseen time-sensitive needs a Reserve Fund is available, to be used at the discretion of the Selectboard.  See Article X of the by-laws for more details.  Apply online. Contact: TMSF Committee.
  • Transfer Student Scholarship is a full-tuition scholarship for one semester. It is available to students who transferred into Marlboro with 60 or more credits and have completed four continuous semesters at Marlboro. Learn more or contact the financial aid office to see if you are eligible. 

Internal Scholarship Opportunity for World Studies Students:

  •  The Roderick M. Gander Scholarship for World Studies will be awarded each year to students in the World Studies Program during the semester in which they are immersed in a foreign culture engaged in an approved working internship.  Eligibility for the Gander Scholarship requires that students have been admitted to the World Studies Program, completed all coursework prerequisite to the internship, and obtained approval of the internship from the Director of the World Studies Program after the submission of an Internship Proposal and the completion of an Internship Proposal Review.  View more information. Contact: Seth Harter.

In addition to these internally funded opportunities, there are numerous external fellowships and scholarships available to students.