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Faculty Professional Development Opportunities

Professional Development Opportunities

Marlboro provides two sources of professional development funding for faculty: summer Professional Development grants for up to $2500, and travel funds for attending conferences during the academic year. The application for summer research funds is due to the Dean of Faculty by Monday, April 15th at 4:30 p.m. and review of applications is done by the Committee on Faculty.

Apply for Professional Development Funds

Applications for conference funds are due to the dean of faculty by September 30th for the entire academic year. The dean will distribute conference funds equitably and fund depending upon demand and availability of funds.

Apply for Conference Funds

Course Development Resources

Marlboro has two sources for funds to support course development during the academic year: a central field trip budget and area-specific course development budgets. Faculty apply to the dean at the beginning of each semester for field trip funds to take their students off campus to an art exhibit, performance, lecture or similar event. While these requests are accepted on a rolling basis, priority will be given to those received by September 30th for the fall and February 15th for the spring.

Apply for Field Trip Funds Field Trip Release Form

A member of each area oversees area budgets, and distribution of funds is decided upon within the area. See your area representative for the guidelines for application for funding course development requests.

Faculty Professional Development Grant Awardees for the Academic Year 2019-2020:

  • Amy Beecher
  • David Eichelberger
  • Adam Franklin-Lyons
  • Jennifer Girouard
  • Seth Harter
  • Brad Heck
  • Kristin Horrigan
  • Amer Latif
  • William Ransom
  • Felicity Ratte
  • Beth Ruane
  • Sara Salimbeni
  • Rosario de Swanson
  • Bronwen Tate