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Curriculum Committee

(see Handbook for charge)

Meeting time: Thursday 8:30 - 10:00 am - Staples

Sabbatical/Leave Requests:

The following is the relevant Handbook information regarding Faculty sabbaticals:

Applications for sabbatical leaves must be made in writing to the Dean of the Faculty at least one semester before the semester when the leave is to commence, and should include some description of the proposed arrangements for covering the field. Notice of such applications shall be posted promptly, so that those affected may have a chance to state objections or make whatever arrangements may be necessary. Faculty members applying for leave should determine jointly with their colleagues and students, particularly those who are or will be on Plan, how work in their areas will be covered, with disagreements to come to the Dean of Faculty. All sabbaticals are at the discretion of the administration, and should teaching needs at the College, or other circumstances, make the granting of such a leave impossible, the faculty member with the longest period of uninterrupted active teaching shall be given priority. Notice of all leaves granted shall be posted promptly, and whenever possible by at least eight weeks before the end of the semester preceding the semester in which the sabbatical will commence.

Leaves Without Pay: After three years of service, regular faculty members may apply for leaves of absence without pay for periods of up to two years. Application for such leaves must be made to the President, who in granting such leaves will consult with the Dean of Faculty and the Committee on Faculty. This is to insure that the granting of such leave will not jeopardize the teaching program at the College. Normally, requests for such leaves must be made at least one semester before the semester during which the leave will commence.