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Committee Assignments





Committee Assignments 2017-18


Assignments by Committee:


Admissions:  Lawler (Chair, ex officio), Latif, Girouard


Academic Integrity: Edelglass (Chair), Ratté, O’Callaghan


Clerk: Naughton


Curriculum: Glejzer (ex officio), Jenny Ramstetter (S’19), John Sheehy (S’19), Franklin-Lyons (S’18), Horrigan (S’18)


Dean’s Advisory: Perkins (Chair, ex officio), Edelglass, Harter, Mott


English:  Sheehy (Chair), Biamonte, O’Hara, Ramstetter, Sargsyan, Tate


Environmental Advisory Ramstetter (Chair), Ollis


Faculty: Glejzer (Chair, ex officio), de Swanson (S’19), Smith (S’18), Ratcliff (S’18)


Finances: Salimbeni (S’18), (Chair), Li (S’19), Franklin-Lyons (S’20)


First Two Years: O’Callaghan (Chair), Rosa, Holch, Ollis, Girouard, Trzaskos


Global Engagement/Language: Tanner (Chair, ex officio), de Swanson, Salimbeni, Sargsyan, Strassman


Lectures, Concerts, Exhibitions: Ratté (Chair), Willis, Toleno


Library (and Information Services): Ruane (Chair), Franklin-Lyons, Mahoney (spring)


Mentors of New Faculty: Latif, Segar, de Swanson, Ratcliff


Prizes and Scholarships: Toleno (Chair), Ratté, Rubinstein (spring),


Research Review: Sargsyan (Chair), Catarelli, Li, Rubinstein (spring)


Standing Building: Smith (Chair), O’Hara


Senior Team: Tanner (S’18)


Title IX Compliance Committee: de Swanson, Harter (fall)/Mahoney (spring)


Trustee Delegates: Horrigan (S’19), Smith (S’18)


Community Engagement/Ashoka Taskforce: Harter, Ratcliff


Assessment/Davis Grant: Horrigan, Latif, Mott, Smith



New Faculty Mentors


Amy Beecher, Professor of Painting: Willis.

David Eicelberger, Arts Fellow in Ceramics: Segar.

Dauaa Kadhim, Fulbright Fellow in Arabic: de Swanson

Kaethe Minden, Mathematics Fellow: Ollis

Gabriel Naughton, Classics Fellow: Franklin-Lyons

Bronwen Tate, Professor of Writing: Biamonte



Assignments by Faculty Member

Beecher: First Year Faculty

Biamonte: Phase Retirement, English

Craven:  Phase Retirement

Edelglass: Dean’s Advisory, Academic Integrity

Foley: On Leave

Franklin-Lyons: Curriculum, Finance, Library

Girouard: Admissions, First Two Years

Glejzer: Curriculum, Faculty, Assessment

Harter: Fall: Dean’s Advisory, Ashoka, Title IX Compliance; Spring Sabbatical

Horrigan: Curriculum, Trustee Delegate, Assessment

Latif: Admissions, Assessment

Li: Finance, Research Review

Mahoney: Fall Sabbatical; Spring: Title IX Compliance, Library

Mott: Dean’s Advisory, Assessment

Naughton: Clerk

O’Callaghan: Academic Integrity, First Two Years

O’Hara: Standing Building, English

Osman: Phase Retirement

Ollis: Environmental Advisory, First Two Years

Ramstetter Curriculum, Environmental Advisory, English

Ratcliff:  Faculty, Ashoka

Ratté:  Lectures, Prizes and Scholarships, Academic Integrity

Rosa: First Two Years, Dean’s Advisory

Ruane: Library, Selectboard

Rubinstein: Fall Sabbatical; Spring: Prizes and Scholarships, Research Review

Rummel: Phase Retirement

Salimbeni: Finances, Global Engagement

Sargsyan: Global Engagement, English, Research Review

Segar: Retirement

Sheehy: Curriculum, English

Smith: Faculty, Standing Building, Assessment

de Swanson: Global Engagement, Diversity, Title IX  Compliance

Tanner: Global Engagement, Senior Team

Tate: First Year Faculty; English

Toleno: Prizes and Scholarships, Lectures

Willis: Faculty, Lectures, Diversity