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Fall 2018 Course List

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Generally speaking each course at Marlboro College requires a minimum number of contact hours with teaching faculty based on the credits to be earned.  Usually 50 minutes or more of weekly contact time per credit earned is required.  Contact time is provided through formal in-class instruction as well as other instructional activities facilitated by the teaching faculty member.

Book lists for courses are posted on the course list prior to the first week of each semester, when course registration takes place, in fulfillment of the provisions of the Higher Education Opportunity Act (HEOA) of 2008.  Lists are subject to change at any time.  Books required for courses at Marlboro are available at the College Bookstore.

Courses marked with mode_edit are Designated Writing Courses.
Courses marked with hearing are Writing Seminar Courses.
Courses marked with public meet Marlboro's Global Perspective criteria.
Course Categories

World Studies Program

World Studies Program Colloquiumpublic

Jaime Tanner

The World Studies Colloquium seeks to introduce students both to the World Studies Program and to other international opportunities and resources at Marlboro. Through discussions with Marlboro staff, faculty, and other students, Colloquium students will learn the intellectual and experiential objectives of the World Studies Program, what services the Office of International Services offers, and how best they might venture into the world to pursue their academic interests.  
Additional Fee:$0

  • Wednesday 4:15pm-5:35pm in Rice-Aron Library/102

World Studies Senior Seminarpublic

Jaime Tanner

The World Studies Senior Seminar is required for World Studies Program students.  It is open to all students who are returning from significant fieldwork and need to consider how best to convert these experiences into Plan.


Time: TBD

Room: Library 202

  • Friday 10:30am-11:30am in Brown Science/Sci 216

For World Studies Program offerings, also see:

  • Elementary French I
  • Elementary Spanish I
  • Intermediate French I
  • Intermediate Spanish I
  • Introduction to French and Francophone Cultures through Films (taught in English)
  • The Latin American Novel in Translation