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Fall 2017 Course List

Generally speaking each course at Marlboro College requires a minimum number of contact hours with teaching faculty based on the credits to be earned.  Usually 50 minutes or more of weekly contact time per credit earned is required.  Contact time is provided through formal in-class instruction as well as other instructional activities facilitated by the teaching faculty member.

Book lists for courses are posted on the course list prior to the first week of each semester, when course registration takes place, in fulfillment of the provisions of the Higher Education Opportunity Act (HEOA) of 2008.  Lists are subject to change at any time.  Books required for courses at Marlboro are available at the College Bookstore.

Courses that begin with a are Designated Writing Courses.
Courses that begin with a are Writing Seminar Courses.
Courses that begin with a meet Marlboro's Global Perspective criteria.
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Asian Studies

 A Frog Jumps In: Seminar in Japanese History & Culture

HUM1035 - 4 Credits - Intermediate

  • Wednesday 11:30am-12:50pm in Dalrymple/D21
  • Friday 11:30am-12:50pm in Dalrymple/D21

Faculty: Seth Harter

The ripples of Japanese culture have reached all sides of the Pacific. This seminar will examine selected topics in the origins and development of Japanese history and culture from the earliest records to the present. We will begin with a general overview of Japanese language, history and geography. We will then consider the fundamental themes of Japanese history while reading key works on Japanese literature, politics, religion, and contemporary society.  We will pay particular attention to issues of art and the environment. Each student will complete a number of short assignments in the first half of the term and an independent research project and linked presentation in the second half of the term.   Knowledge of Japanese language is not necessary, but some prior exposure to Japanese culture will be helpful.


TitleAuthorISBNNew Price
The Japanese ExperienceBeasley9780520225602$28.00
The Pillow BookShonagon9780140448061$10.00
Essential HaikuHass, ed.9780880013512$13.00
Embracing DefeatDower9780393320275$12.00
The Woman in the DunesKobo Abe9780679733782$10.00
Liquid LifeLaFleur9780691029658$17.50
A Year in the Life of a Shinto ShrineNelson9780295975009$15.00

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