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Fall 2019 Course List

Generally speaking each course at Marlboro College requires a minimum number of contact hours with teaching faculty based on the credits to be earned.  Usually 50 minutes or more of weekly contact time per credit earned is required.  Contact time is provided through formal in-class instruction as well as other instructional activities facilitated by the teaching faculty member.

Books required for courses at Marlboro College can be purchased through Marlboro's online bookstore.

Courses marked with mode_edit are Designated Writing Courses.
Courses marked with hearing are Writing Seminar Courses.
Courses marked with public meet Marlboro's Global Perspective criteria.
Course Categories

Asian Studies

Brush, Sword, and Hoe: Ancient Chinese History & Culturepublic

Seth Harter

This course will examine the development of Chinese culture from the earliest divination rites to the court intrigues of the Ming dynasty. Along the way we will study the creation and growth of the imperial institution and meritocratic civil service that made it work; we will discuss China’s complex relations with its central Asian neighbors; we will consider some of the fabulous economic and technological developments that made Chinese products the envy of the world in the 17th century; and we will read a selection of poetry and prose by Tang hermits, Song officials, and Ming aesthetes.

  • Wednesday 11:30am-12:50pm in Dalrymple/D21
  • Friday 11:30am-12:50pm in Dalrymple/D21

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