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Academic Support Services

Jeremy Holch 
Director of Academic Support Services
802-258-9260 (x260 on campus)
Office: Learning Center, Rice-Aron Library, Ground Floor

Jeremy Holch, director of academic support services, is a full-time member of Marlboro College's academic staff. In addition to providing the individualized tutorial and coaching support requested by students, he also supervises the peer tutors staffing the Writer's Block, Marlboro's student-staffed writing center.


Academic Tutoring/Coaching

Marlboro’s Academic Support Services office offers all students the opportunity to develop the skills they need to succeed in Marlboro’s rigorous academic program. Any student wishing to improve their skills is encouraged to contact the office, especially students with previously diagnosed learning disabilities.

Academic services available through this office include individualized instruction in the following areas:

  • Writing – grammar, writing process, and organization, as well as the essentials of academic research
  • Study Skills – time management, note taking, exam preparation, and reading comprehension strategies
  • ADHD Coaching – goal development and time/materials organization

If you think you may have an undiagnosed learning disability and/or ADHD, informal screenings for learning disabilities/ADHD are available from Jeremy, who will provide and discuss appropriate testing/evaluation options as necessary.

There is, at this time, no fee for these services when used within the limits of available resources.

The Writer's Block 

The Writer's Block is a writing tutorial center staffed by Marlboro students who have been trained by Marlboro’s writing faculty and are supervised by Jeremy. See the Writer's Block page for more information and this semester's schedule of available tutoring times.

Academic Peer Coaching

Academic Peer Coaches are students trained to assist other Marlboro students with academic support concerns, including time management, active reading, note taking, and general course load management. See the Academic Peer Coaching page for more information and current coaching times.

Student Tutors

Student tutors are available in various academic areas, including Spanish, Physics, Chemistry, Math, and Computer Science.

Learning Resources

Learning Resources includes links to academic support websites hosted by a variety of colleges, universities, institutions, etc. These sites contain information on various learning, study skill, writing process, and time management strategies as well as discipline-specific material and other topics related to learning and academic success. You will also find links to time management forms, printable blank forms (pdf format) to help you organize your time and work.