Plan Objectives & Projects in the Arts


Preliminary: To continue my study of dance and dance history with an emphasis on performance, dance theory, and esthetics. Dance history will focus on French ballet. I will continue my study of French.


Final: An exploration of dance, race, and gender in Brazil drawing on materials from an internship in Salvador, Bahia.
: Choreograph and perform a major dance collaboration. The performance includes influences of Brazilian dance, multi-media aspects such as film, slides, and spoken word all intertwined together into original choreographed pieces. Collaboraiton with other dancers, performer, and musicians.


Preliminary: Exploration of the subjective experience of the American soldier in the 20th century through screenplays and a paper, plus production of an original screenplay or play.

Final: Exploration of the subjective experience of soldiers in Vietnam through the writings of a documentary research paper and the development and production of an original play. Also the writing of three screenplays exploring themes of violence, love, and hate experienced by complex contemporary characters.
: Develop/write/produce original play about soldiers in the field during Vietnam. Independent film script. Two short screenplays.


Preliminary: (1) To gain the skills necessary to pursue graduate level studies in violin and viola performance and (2) to become familiar with various philosophies of music education, especially those methods pertaining to string instrument instruction.


Preliminary: A study of choral music with a focus on medieval monophonic and polyphonic chant as a genre of vocal music.
will include the conducting of a men’s chorus.


Preliminary: A study of “non-art” visual images in the media and their effect on American society as a whole as well as on the individual person. This research will be accompanied by a series of my own photographs that will reflect the ideas above, in a “fine art” form.

VISUAL ARTS/painting & WRITING/fiction

Final: An exploration, in painting and writing, of conflict arising in public vs. private perceptions of self and environment, which a focus on spiritual/emotional tension inherent in such conflict.
: An exhibition of paintings. A collection of short fiction. A paper examining the expression of private vs. public perceptions in painting.


Preliminary: Create a body of photographs that conveys a visual narrative, supported by research papers.

Final: An examination of how image and format function within the discipline of photography and the book arts.
: Create a series of photographs and handmade books complimented by a paper discussing a group of artists whose work has influenced the medium.


Preliminary: Effective actors employ efficient, expressive codes of nonverbal communication to transmit meaning to an audience. What codes do they employ and how effective are they? The effects of physical disability(ies)?

Final: A study of theater arts with major focus on investigation of physical theater methods. Papers will examine ideas and practices of three theatricians. Special attention will be given to non-text-based modes of generating “meaning.” A separate but related paper on methodology, physical acting training offered in MFA programs shall be submitted. Secondary studies will culminate in a paper on a lighting designer and his or her use of light in small theaters.
: A theatrical demonstration of examples of physical theater methods and meaning. Two lighting designs for Marlboro productions.


Preliminary: The establishment of a framework for the poetry of Randall Jarrell, considering in particular intuitions and imaginations in language occurring in German fairy tales, German Romanticism and German culture, leading to a collection of original poems.

Final: (WRITING/poetry, LITERATURE & HISTORY): A study of the American poet Randall Jarrell, considering him to be a romantic poet profoundly influenced by things German and taking into account the dramatic qualities of his poems, with supporting work in the political history of German’s Weimar Republic, leading to a collection of original poems.
: Two papers and a collection of original poems. The larger paper will discuss the poetry of Randall Jarrell, viewing him as a romantic poet, exploring the worldview expressed in the poems and considering their dramatic aspects. The other paper will discuss the political climate of the Weimar Republic. The poems will reflect the themes explored in the papers.