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Questions for a Potential Plan Sponsor

Academic Advising

Questions you might ask a potential Plan sponsor:

  • I am (perhaps) interested in _____________________ for my Plan. Are you someone I should talk with? Who else would you recommend?
  • What background coursework would you recommend if I’m contemplating Plan work in _______________? (Be sure you check appropriate sections of the on-line Course Book and Plan Guide before you ask this question.)
  • What would you recommend I take this spring semester?
  • How do you structure tutorials and/or work with Plan students?
  • How structured/ directive are you with regard to tutorials and Plan work? How/why/describe.
  • (If appropriate) When could we set up a time to talk in more depth or to discuss a Preliminary Plan application?

When you’re preparing to go on Plan, here are some important things to remember:

  • Devote yourself to the PROCESS . . . the product will emerge
  • Ask questions / seek guidance, input, and support from your:
    • Advisor and teachers
    • Potential Plan sponsor(s)
    • Other students, people who know you well
    • Hilly (Advising Office), other staff
    • Course Book & Plan Guide 2000-2002
    • Student Handbook (pp 20-23)
    • Information from Plan packet
  • Strategically plan courses (soph year) and tutorials (jr year)
  • Consider field work, internship, study abroad – and start thinking / talking / planning EARLY
  • Stay attuned to your process and how it feels
  • Don’t set unreasonable expectations
  • Have fun!