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Academic Advising

The Preliminary Plan Application is your formal request for permission to embark on the first year of your Plan.

Its purpose is to:

  1. articulate your goals
  2. organize your work for the next two semesters
  3. inform the faculty of your goals and plans

Due Date:

  1. At the end of the second semester of your sophomore year OR
  2. At the end of the semester in which you will have earned 55 credits

Junior transfers will need to submit the Preliminary Plan Application by the end of the first semester at Marlboro.

Before you fill out your application:

  1. Attend the Plan workshop for all second semester sophomores and transfers. It provides helpful information and an orientation to the process.
  2. Consult the Plan of Concentration section of the Handbook.
  3. Confirm credits earned with the Registrar, especially if you are a transfer.
  4. If you are a WSP student, confer with the Director of WSP to determine whether WSP requirements have been met.
  5. Review the courses you have taken, by area, referring to the Degree Fields to be sure you have the foundation coursework necessary. Your Plan work should grow out of the courses you’ve taken and the interests you have developed.
  6. Consider the faculty with whom you have studied. Your Plan depends on a good working relationship with a faculty member.
  7. Select a Plan sponsor (or sponsors) according to where your interests intersect with the fields of expertise of faculty. Consult with your advisor or the Associate Dean of Academic Advising if you are unsure. Remember: No faculty member is obligated to sponsor a Plan and usually will not if there has been no prior classroom contact with you. However, even faculty with whom you have had little classroom contact may have useful suggestions.
  8. Discuss your ideas for the Plan with many people, including students.

Paper forms are also available in the Registrar’s office and on-line (see Registrar's Office).

Steps to complete you Plan application

  1. Prepare your Plan application in consultation with your Plan sponsor(s).

Plan statement: You will be coming up with a simple statement of your intentions. Remember, this is a preliminary Plan application. We don’t expect (or want) to see a lot of specific detail. Details will emerge by the end of your junior year.

A study (exploration, examination) of _______________with a focus on __________ may suffice. See sample statements.

Courses and tutorials: With your Plan sponsor(s), you will be coming up with a list of courses and tutorials for your first year on Plan, including any classes that would fill in the needed gaps.

  1. Obtain signatures from:
    • Plan sponsor(s)
    • WSP director, if you are a WSP student
    • Registrar (who will forward your form to the Dean of Faculty for his signature)
  1. The Registrar will provide copies to you and your Plan sponsors and will distribute a copy of the Plan summary to all faculty two weeks prior to the next faculty meeting. The faculty have an opportunity to comment on Plan proposals during this time.
  2. The Dean of Faculty will notify you if there are any questions about your proposal.

DEGREE FIELDS: Fields must be selected from those listed (see Degree Fields). The field may be followed by descriptive sub-fields, e.g. ART HISTORY/Renaissance Painting; BIOLOGY/Ornithology; HISTORY & LITERATURE/Shakespeare; CERAMICS/Chemistry.