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Trevor Asbury / Senior 1

Academic Interests: Humanistic Anthropology, Contemplative Studies, Queer Theory, Indigenous Studies, Clowning, Storytelling, Somatic Awareness and Contact Improvisation. 

Inspiring Courses You Have Taken: Contact Improvisation with Kristen Horrigan, Auto-ethnography with Nelli Sargsyan, Embodying the Trickster with Jean O'Hara, and Sound as Material with John McCormick


Thoughts on Marlboro: Challenging.


Favorite Places on Campus: The middle piano practice room, green house, dance studio, running water below the farm, the bridges between Serkin and the Randoms, on Squirrel loop and Town trail, the farm, the wooded stone seat overlooking the water, there are so many wonderful places to explore!  . 

Goals Before Graduating: To play in the lovely green and white meadow that I know only through windows. 


Advice For New Students: Get to know the professors.