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Sarah Sidney / Sophomore 1

Academic Interests: English, possibly Mythology & Religion
Inspiring Courses: Probably the film-based writing seminar with John Sheehy. I think everyone should, at some point, take a writing course with Sheehy. He's really excellent at working with any writing skill level and making it better. I'm fairly certain that it was for him that I produced my best essay ever - a.k.a. the essay that got me past Clear Writing Requirement.
Thoughts on Marlboro: We're a bunch of wonderful, loving misfits. Somehow, in spite of that - or perhaps because of it - not everyone can find a place here. If you can, however, you may never want to leave.
Favorite Places on Campus: I really love the coffee shop in the evening and the THC (Total Health Center) really late at night. The dining hall's always good, especially when the cookie drawer is full. But I think top might have to be my favorite study tables in the library.
Goals Before Graduating: I really want to study abroad on my own terms, not as part of the World Studies Program. That's part of what I love about Marlboro: if something is established, but isn't exactly right for you, you can just go and do something else. And I'd love to write a novel, though that's highly unlikely. But ultimately, my biggest goals is learning how to stay on Earth, make a realistic goal, stick to it, and not think myself out of being successful at what I want to do.
Advice For Students: Take a class with John Sheehy and find someone you can talk to about anything and everything. Find someone that you can pour your heart out to and cry at when you're feeling stressed. It'll make you feel infinitely better.