Nina Eslambolipour

Junior 1

Academic Interests. I am currently interested in learning about how first generation immigrants relate to the two sides of cultures they belong to, and the inevitable tug of war effect that happens. I'm hoping to explore my Iranian and American identity through visual art like animation and 2-D work.

Inspiring Classes. Race, Gender, and the Prison Industrial Complex taught by Renee Byrd, who just left, was the bomb. This class opened my eyes to how race and poverty works in different systems in the US and how it functions globally as well. Also, Works On Paper with Cathy Osman was wonderful in that being interested in mixed media I learned new variety of ways of working with paper.

On Marlboro. I've met friends here that I will probably know 'till i get dentures (holla Liana!). I can study anything I'm fiercely interested in. I came because I wanted a small community and boy did I get that. I stayed because Marlboro really challenges me in more ways than academically, but I love seeing these challenges as opportunities for learning. 

Favorite Campus Places. Woodard, the Coughee Shoppe, and the Media Lab.

Goals Before Graduating.
Visit Tim and Cathy at their crib.
Pay a ridiculous amount of money for some bougie product at the Co-Op.
Play oujia board somewhere freaky.

Summer Plans. Going to Iran (pronounced e-ron) for two months, and then two of my best friends from Marlboro are coming to Seattle.

Advice. Relax, pop a ginger beer (non-acholic) and remember to take care of yourself. If you want to do well within any communtity its gotta start with you. We are generation selfie, so do what you gotta do and do yourself.