Kelsey Gibson

Sophomore 1

Academic Interests. I study languages/linguistics and history. That's really broad right now, but I like learning dead languages and proto-languages, and I'm very interested in the cultural and sociological history of complex disasters.

Inspiring Classes. Origins of the Contemporary World with Adam was definitely one of my favorites, it was like being given free rein to study anything in history I wanted to and handing in a "mini plan" at the end. I also had a great Arabic class with a visiting professor from Morocco, and Historical Linguistics with Emily was fantastic.   

Favorite Campus Places. The basement of Dalrymple and the Library Research Bar are pretty awesome places to work, and for not working Ridge Trail and the riverbank that is vaguely located somewhere the woods southeast of where Lower Loop joins Maintenance Hill are fun.

Community Involvement. I teach archery and lead caving trips for the Outdoor Program. I'm also involved with the fencing club, theater tech, A capella. I do a lot of running and hiking, and probably other things that I'm forgetting at the moment.

Summer Plans. I'm working as an Animal Care Specialist at ECHO Museum on Lake Champlain, and I'll probably be eventing novice level and working at horse shows, and just in general hiking around and getting lost in the woods.

Advice. Bring ice cleats. They tell you to bring boots but seriously, bring ice cleats or yak-trax or something.