Jan Cornel

Senior 1

Academic Interests.  For my Plan of Concentration, I am studying narratives of friendship in Marcel Proust's novel, In Search of Lost Time, accompanied by a collection of original poetry. Friendship requires time, patience, and the continuous study of another person in relation to one's self. If friendship consists of self-reflection and projection, then how does a stranger become friend, and what does that transformation reveal?

 Inspiring Classes. I could not have articulated this question without having taken that year-long seminar in Proust or those poetry workshops, even though my interests were very different at each of those times.

On Marlboro. In my freshman year, I thought it thrilling, freaky, even annoying to encounter upperclassman explaining their Plan work again and again in this way. However, what I find most attractive about Marlboro is precisely what enables students to bounce ideas and forge a course of study for themselves: its environment of independent study.

Favorite Campus Places. Marlboro has its sunrises, blackouts, arching birches, and ghost lore, a great VHS collection, fitness center, kitchen crew, and climbing wall, the Chelsea Royal Diner down Route 9—and throughout the year it snows, campus melts into mud, then bursts into jungle by the end of Plan exhibition season... I have spent many weird nights caught in some essentialist debate about this place, but Marlboro is definitely a little stir-crazed with a lot definition and soul.

Community Involvement. I have been hosting Open Mic with another student named Amber Claxton for over a year now; I found myself throwing money at a some cool student projects as a member of the Town Meeting Scholarship Fund Committee; I paraded every Homecoming weekend and arrived dead-last in the Wendell Cup snowshoeing race; I have discovered so much to do on top of homework when I did not think I would find anything at all.

Advice. It might seem like there is too much to prepare for at Marlboro, maybe too much to even care about before the year has started. However, any first-time Marlboro student ought to consider these few things: better under-pack than over-pack a bunch of situational stuff, there are nearby stuff stores to get lamps or winter gear, make tons of off-campus plans, frequent your Marlboro email, attend as many events and Plan shows as possible, learn to drive, develop some good rituals, and never forget about your homework.

Welcome to Marlboro.