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Grace Hamilton / Sophomore 2

Academic Interests: Sociology, Anthropology, Politics

Inspiring Courses You Have Taken: The most inspiring courses I've taken thus far at Marlboro are those that lay outside my own realm of comfortability, meaning that I had no previous experience in whatever area that course was focused on. These are the most inspiring courses because you get to watch your peers work at mastering their chosen crafts, and sometimes discover skills that you never knew you had. I would encourage as much exploration as you can stand your first year at Marlboro, there is room for it.

Thoughts on Marlboro: More than Marlboro is a college, it is an experience. It is truly the sort of place you have to be a part of in order to understand its magic.

Favorite Places on Campus: The dining hall in the early morning hours is unbeatable. Also the woods- go there as much as possible. The picnic benches in front of Howland are a great place to hang if you ever need an open ear or a place to sing (very) loudly or a cup of tea and many other comforts.

Goals Before Graduating: Really my biggest goal is to graduate, and make as many meaningful connections with as many people as will allow me on my way there.

Advice For New Students: The best piece of advice I could give is to keep an open mind. Chances are whatever thoughts you have about the kind of place Marlboro is before you come here are misguided. Try to stay present and make as many friends as you can because they come in handy. Also befriend your professors and treat staff members with respect and love. We all take care of each other here, and if you play your cards right you are truly in for one of the most transformative experiences of a lifetime. I know that I learned more about myself and the world around me in my first year here at Marlboro than I did all four years of high school. Keep a firm grasp on your goals and try to figure out the sort of person you'd like to be. There is so much room for exploration and growth here if you take full advantage of all that Marlboro has to give.