Gage Martin

Sophomore 1

Academic Interests. I am interested in math and physics. I can't say quite when I became interested in math but as far as I can remember I have always enjoyed it and have loved my classes at Marlboro. After taking physics in high school I realized I might be interested in it. Classes here at Marlboro confirmed my interest.

Inspiring Classes. My single favorite class at Marlboro was a course on Special Relativity that only required high school algebra and geometry. I really liked how such challenging concepts could be thought about so simply and how simple thought experiments lead to all of these odd but true conclusions.

On Marlboro. My single favorite thing about Marlboro is the community. My fellow students, the staff, and the faculty are all wonderful and make Marlboro a place I enjoy being.

Favorite Campus Places. I really love the trails through the woods. Some of my favorite spots on them are the stone labyrinth and the tree platform that has a beautiful view.

Community Involvement. Last year I was Moderator for Town Meeting, on the Admissions Committee, and was the clerk for Community Court. This coming year I will be on Selectboard as well as being on the Committee on the first two years and the Dean's Advisory Committee. I also play soccer and basketball with the Dead Trees.

Summer Plans. I am going to be working in the kitchen at Camp Chenoa (a girl scout camp) this summer.

Advice. I would have really liked to have kept in mind/known that there really isn't a "right" way to do your first year and the important part is taking care of yourself and having a great time.