Emma Rusbarsky

Sophomore 1

Academic Interests. Sociology/sex and gender studies.

An Inspiring Class. Feminism, Men, and Masculinity

On Marlboro. I love the academic freedom and the interesting people that Marlboro attracts.

Favorite Campus Places. The trails on a full moon night.

Community Involvement. I worked at the Outdoor Program last year. I am also the Fire Chief and will be the Women's Resource Center Coordinator and on the Academic Integrity Committee next year.

Goals Before Graduating. Find every tree house on the Marlboro campus, win a Broomball tournament, read a book in every tree in the apple orchard.

Summer Plans. Spending time with my family and boiling in the summer heat.

Advice. Use the sauna on campus. It's pretty cool (haha, pun intended). And don't forget to bring yak tracks!