Cory Spitzer

Junior 2

Academic Interests. I'm studying computer science and maybe some math too. I'm particularly interested in complex systems and how they relate to social movements. I enjoy the abstraction and power of computer science and math and hopefully can apply some of that thinking to various forms of resistance.

An Inspiring Class. Introduction to Programming with Python

On Marlboro. I came because the school was very small and rural and has a high degree of academic freedom. I stayed because of the good friends I've made here and the ability to customize what I study to suit my needs.

Community Involvement. I washed dishes this past year and I will be the computer science tutor this fall. I've been involved with the Women's Resource Center and the Men's Resource Group, as well as helping the governance group rewrite the Sexual Misconduct Policy. During Fall 2012 I was active with the many students who made trips the Occupy Wall Street encampment and protests in NYC.

Goals Before Graduating.Learn to be a better programmer, learn how complexity theory relates to resistance movements, travel, get a TESOL Certificate.

Summer Plans. Hopefully spending a lot of time with friends and learning some more computer-science-y things.

Advice. I like to help people navigate new situations; I also like to explain potentially complex concepts to interested people, so don't hesitate to ask me things.

Go to every intro class that you have even a vague interest in. Often, requirements are more like suggestions, but do take them seriously as such. Don't overdo it academically. Sleep as much as you need to. Be efficient with your time: if you're not doing homework, do fun things; if there is nothing fun to do, do homework. Don't hesitate to take time off – you can argue all you want about the benefits of college, but time off is generally free.