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Bobbi Crocker / Junior 2

Academic Interests: Environmental Studies, Sustainable Agriculture, World Studies

Inspiring Courses You Have Taken: (there have been so many!!) Culture and Ecology of the Western U.S. with Jenny Ramstetter was really formative for me, though. We discussed our cultural perceptions of "wilderness" and "wildness," and I learned a lot about the history of North America and our national parks. In addition, I was able to do some in-depth research on the land management practices of Native Americans in the west which was really valuable for me, since I'm studying sustainable agriculture!

I've also really enjoyed studying Spanish with Rosario de Swanson. Learning a new language is so so hard, but it's also so satisfying when you finally start piecing things together. Rosario is a great teacher and she was a great advisor during my first year at Marlboro. I would highly recommend taking one of her classes!

Thoughts on Marlboro: Marlboro is the best! The sense of community on such a small campus is really warm and comforting, and it's nice to know everybody's name! While this college is not for everybody, it can become a home for those who are willing to use their freedom responsibly, and for those who are willing to engage in our community.

Favorite Places on Campus: The dining hall is definitely my favorite place on campus. I like waking up early and studying in the dining hall, especially before breakfast starts but when the coffee is already made and it's nice and quiet. SJ's office (assistant dean of students, director of res life) is also a fun place to hang out when I am feeling stressed and just need some time to goof around.

If it's your thing, take advantage of the vast trails on campus too! In the winter you can rent snowshoes from the Outdoor Program, so don't let the snow deter you. One of my favorite ways to unwind is by walking my dog in the woods early in the morning. The fresh air and exercise is so refreshing.

Goals Before Graduating: Oh boy. First and foremost, as a World Studies student, I hope to successfully complete my internship abroad next spring. It's been a doozy to plan but I have found a lot of support at Marlboro, so I think it's going to work out!

Advice For New Students: At Marlboro, you get back what you put in (which is true for most communities, I guess). Marlboro is (mostly) a fantastic place, but when students, staff, and faculty alike are not contributing to the care and stewardship of our space it can create tension on campus. Go to Town Meeting, do your dining hall duty, participate in committees, and always always always show up for work day! If you take dishes from the dining hall, bring them back to the dining hall!