Ben Glatt

Senior 1

Academic Interests. I am studying history and the teaching of history with a special focus on Asian revolutions in the 19th and 20th centuries. I got into that field because I found myself drawn to Asian history and I have always found revolutions fascinating.  I would like to teach history one day. 

Inspiring Classes. I would have to say my favorite classes have been The Making of the Contemporary World with Lynette Rummel, War and Rumors of War with John Sheehy, and every Asian Studies course I've taken with Seth Harter.

On Finding Marlboro. Marlboro was on my short list of colleges for many reasons: I liked the size, the in the middle of nowhereness, the complete freedom of class choice, and its reputation as an excellent writing school. In the end it rose above the others on my list because when I talked to the people here I found an acceptance and sense of belonging that I hadn’t experienced at those other schools.  After an evening of discussing politics, sex, and Star Trek, I was sold and decided to come to Marlboro. 

Favorite Campus Places. My favorite places are Science 217, where I have spent many a wonderful evening, my Plan Sponsor’s office, where I have had many a wonderful class, the Stone Circle, the forest temple, places on Old Oaks trail, and a huge old tree that is way, way off the beaten path. 

Community Involvement. I tend to, with the help of my friends, make my own fun.  This can be anything from a fancy dinner and symposium to walking every trail in the Marlboro system in one day to shooting a film. 

Summer Plans. This summer I am teaching English to international students at a college in Tarrytown, New York.

Advice. I would have like to know as a freshman that I wasn’t as smart right out of high school as I thought and probably shouldn’t have been quite so abrasive in my early classes.