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Housing & Residential Life Staff

Director of Residence Life: Tanner Jones is our Director of Residence Life. Tanner joined us in July 2016 from Central New York. Originally from Germany, but sadly he did not live there long enough to learn the language. Graduating from SUNY Brockport in 2015 with a BA in Healthcare Administration, where Tanner began his pursuit of self growth and helping others, eventually bringing him to his new home at Marlboro. He most enjoys cold weather, the outdoors, finding new things to cook, and anything that keeps you moving (except dancing). You will always find him participating in anything competitive (not dancing), and usually entertains everyone in the process at his expense (especially dancing). Feel free to say "hi" to him anytime, just don't give him a hug.

Coordinators: Our Coordinators in Student Life (formerly knows as Student Life Coordinators, or SLCs) are professional student affairs staff members who reside in campus housing and serve on-call hours from 4:30 PM to 8:30 AM on weekdays and all day on weekends and staff holidays. Coordinators provide program coordination to particular Student Life focus areas and participate in Town Meeting committees, working closely with Selectboard and Community Court.  Current focus areas are health and wellness, housing & residential life, and student recreation. Please see below for bios on our current Coordinator team.  The Coordinators support the work of the Assistant Dean, Safety Office, and Resident Assistants (RAs) in the residential community accountability processes.  They also supervise RAs, assisting in their training and supporting them in their oversight of campus residences. Coordinators assist the RAs in developing educational and social programs that contribute to the mission of the college and support student academic success.  While on-call, Coordinators are available to respond to emergencies by pager, acting as backup for RAs and collaborators with the Safety Office.

Team Bios:

Hannah Anderson, Coordinator for Student Activities and Recreation: Hannah originates from Southern New Hampshire, and most recently, Central Vermont. Prior to landing in Vermont, she spent time working in various outdoor jobs around the country, while always finding her way back home to New England. Hannah’s background is in Adventure Therapy, and Outdoor Education and Leadership. She loves all things outdoors, and engaging people in activities to build community, confidence, leadership skills, and of course fun! Hannah is excited to be here at Marlboro, helping create fun, safe, and active programming to engage students, and help create a balance between work and play. Other interests of Hannah include, sunsets/sunrises, rocks, bad jokes, eccentric words, and movement. When she’s not working Hannah can be found dancing her way through life, most often in the woods, or the rugby pitch with her teammates, across the river in NH. 

 Megan Grove, Coordinator for Campus Prevention, Intervention, and Advocacy, and Survivor Advocate: Megan hails from Pennsylvania, most recently Philadelphia, but has lived in various urban and rural places throughout the Mid-Atlantic and New England regions. After moving to Brattleboro, VT in 2015 for a one-year on-campus graduate school program, Megan found herself setting down roots in Vermont. Megan's background is in Peacebuilding and Conflict Transformation with a focus in Restorative Justice. She loves creating spaces for healthy dialogue where people can express, hear, and hold each others' needs, desires, and hopes. Megan is excited to engage with the Marlboro community around health and wellness as we create a safe and respectful space for all of us. You can often find Megan exploring New England with her husband Chris or looking through the Dining Hall coffee mugs for the one that's just right. She also loves puns, coffee, tattoos, dogs, slam poetry and the great outdoors. 

Dylan MullerAssistant Director of Residence Life & Community Standards: Dylan is from a small city in the middle of nowhere called Port Jerivis, NY. It is located in the tri-state area where NY, PA, and NJ all come together, and is about an hour and a half northwest of New York City. Before moving to the lovely state of Vermont, Dylan spent the past 6 years of his menial life studying Anthropology and History as an undergradate, and Public Administration as a graduate at SUNY: The College at Brockport in Western New York. Like the Director Tanner Jones, he does not enjoy dancing publicly. He does enjoy relaxing with a good book, playing an obnoxious amount of video games, and a number of other things that will not be listed on this page. Unlike Student Coordinator Megan, he has not gone exploring around New England, however he has been to Boston more than a few times, and some countries around the world. His goal in life is to live, travel, teach, learn, and be as happy as possible. Feel free to say hi to him if you see him, though he most likely will not look at you until you are already passed him! Bis demnächst.