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Housing & Residential Life Staff

Assistant Dean of Students: Sara Jane (SJ) Muratori is our Assistant Dean of Students and the director of housing and residential life. She manages all housing operations. In addition to her role leading the Diversity and Inclusion taskforce and supporting Sustainability efforts on campus, Sara Jane oversees the entire Residential Life department. She supervises the Coordinators, oversees the Resident Assistant (RA) program, residential community accountability processes as laid out in our Constitution and Bylaws and Housing Contract, housing selection and meal plan selection.  The Assistant Dean also participates in the on-call emergency response rotation. She helps coordinate student support in collaboration with the Total Health Center and Academic Advising and the rest of the Student Life Team.  Sara Jane also works to promote collaborative and inclusive programming opportunities between the Residential Life team and on or off campus groups and organizations. 

Sara Jane grew up outside Cleveland, Ohio and spent many formative years in Portland, Oregon before moving to Philadelphia, New York City, and then to Marlboro in 2012. She holds a BFA from Pacific Northwest College of Art, an MFA from Tyler School of Art, and an MDiv from Union Theological Seminary. Motivated by a boundless desire to empower and engage students, Sara Jane believes in the Marlboro model.  Self-directed learning and self-governance is an unusual expectation of college students, and those who gravitate toward, and thrive within it, are very special.  Sara Jane’s favorite part of her role at Marlboro is collaborating with students, staff, and faculty to cultivate a strong community where we hold each other accountable to ourselves, each other, and this place.  It is her hope that from this strong community we will all emerge as confident collaborators in our work toward the equitable flourishing of all.

Coordinators: Our Coordinators in Student Life (formerly knows as Student Life Coordinators, or SLCs) are professional student affairs staff members who reside in campus housing and serve on-call hours from 4:30 PM to 8:30 AM on weekdays and all day on weekends and staff holidays. Coordinators provide program coordination to particular Student Life focus areas and participate in Town Meeting committees, working closely with Selectboard and Community Court.  Current focus areas are health and wellness, housing & residential life, and student recreation. Please see below for bios on our current Coordinator team.  The Coordinators support the work of the Assistant Dean, Safety Office, and Resident Assistants (RAs) in the residential community accountability processes.  They also supervise RAs, assisting in their training and supporting them in their oversight of campus residences. Coordinators assist the RAs in developing educational and social programs that contribute to the mission of the college and support student academic success.  While on-call, Coordinators are available to respond to emergencies by pager, acting as backup for RAs and collaborators with the Safety Office.

Team Bios:

Tanner Jones, Senior Coordinator for Housing & Residential Life and Sustainability: The SLC who is closest to home, Tanner joined us in July 2016 from Central New York. Originally from Germany, but sadly he did not live there long enough to learn the language. Graduating from SUNY Brockport in 2015 with a BA in Healthcare Administration, where Tanner began his pursuit of self growth and helping others, eventually bringing him to his new home at Marlboro. He most enjoys cold weather, the outdoors, finding new things to cook, and anything that keeps you moving (except dancing). You will always find him participating in anything competitive (not dancing), and usually entertains everyone in the process at his expense (especially dancing). Feel free to say "hi" to him anytime, just don't give him a hug.

Robyn Manning-Samuels ’14, Senior Coordinator for Health and Wellness and Survivor Advocate: A Los Angeles native, Robyn graduated from Marlboro College in 2013 and loved it so much she decided to stay on as staff! In her role as Student Life Coordinator, Robyn strives to bring an exciting and compassionate take on community engagement through health and wellness programming. Her primary interest is making the community safer and healthier through, what she hopes, is a fun, goofy, and fresh approach to what it means to be a student at Marlboro. She also loves talking about her plan, so feel free to ask her about it anytime. 

Open, Coordinator for Student Activities and Recreation: Bio for new hire coming soon! <3